About Us

Comparakeet is an independent product review service founded in 2014.  Our team of researchers reviews products and services from around the world trying to find the best in class in as many categories as possible with one simple aim – saving you time and costly mistakes!

Our staff of product review experts are split into teams with specialities – website services, mobile products, lifestyle products, and so on. Each team chooses the most useful and interesting categories on the market and reviews dozens to hundreds of products and services to end up with the top ten in each realm. While the services in our top ten lists have winners amongst them, you can be sure that each one on the list has earned its spot.

At Comparakeet, we maintain a strict separation between our review team and our sales team, ensuring that no review is biased and no rating  has been influenced. After our writers have written a review or a category, our sales team works on ways we can support Comparakeet through that content – be it affiliation, advertising, or other means.

Comparakeet – comparing the world!