Best Affiliate Networks 2019

Affiliate Marketing Companies allow individuals, like you, to make easy money by linking to great products and services. But given the vastness of the world wide web, it is hard to find which Affiliate Marketing Companies are the best and which ones are going to just waste your time with junk. Comparakeet has brought forth the very best of the Affiliate Marketing Companies to allow you to pick from a simple and straight forward top ten chart. We have tested each of these services and found which were amazing and which were lame-ducks. So feel confident when you are picking from our charts as we have put in the time and effort to bring you the very best!


Rakuten Affiliate Network

1st9.8 out of 10Free

Rakuten Affiliate Network Review

A top affiliate network that gives you access to thousands of affiliate programs, comprehensive reports, rotating banners, deep links, and more.Full Rakuten Affiliate Network Review »


2nd9.8 out of 10Free

CJ Review

A highly recommended affiliate network that sports tons of advertisers and offers great features like deep link automation, product widgets and more.Full CJ Review »

Amazon Associates

3rd9.6 out of 10Free

Amazon Associates Review

An amazing affiliate network that lets you access a deep well of products you can advertise, various ways of displaying ads, and many more.Full Amazon Associates Review »

eBay Partner Network

4th9.5 out of 10Free

eBay Partner Network Review

A great affiliate network that gives you access to a vast product listing, and provides fast, consistent payments, as well as a low payment threshold.Full eBay Partner Network Review »


5th9.4 out of 10Free

Clickbank Review

A highly recommended affiliate network that offers some of the highest commissions in the industry, plus thousands of products to promote and more.Full Clickbank Review »


6th8.9 out of 10Free

Flexoffers Review

A solid affiliate network that offers thousands of affiliate programs, various content delivery formats, and some of the fastest payouts there is.Full Flexoffers Review »


7th8.6 out of 10Free

ShareASale Review

A solid affiliate network that has more than a decade of experience, and offers access to 3,900+ merchants, solid reporting features and more.Full ShareASale Review »


8th8.4 out of 10Free

OneNetworkDIrect Review

A good affiliate network where you can promote thousands of software and consumer electronics products, and get up to 60% in payouts.Full OneNetworkDIrect Review »

Affiliate Window

9th8.4 out of 10Varies

Affiliate Window Review

A solid affiliate network that provides a lot of useful tools to help you monetize your website, access to a range of merchants, and more,Full Affiliate Window Review »


10th8.4 out of 10Free

Avantlink Review

A solid affiliate network that lets gives you access to lots of merchants, plus some very useful features like a datafeed manager, widgets and more.Full Avantlink Review »
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