Great for Beginners

Do not let the advanced tools and features fool you, this affiliate marketing network is perfect for beginners as well. If you are still new to the game and still a bit scared to jump into affiliate marketing then this network’s user friendliness will definitely win you over. They make it a point to give as much detail as possible about each and every feature so you will definitely not get lost. Moreover, they also give detailed descriptions about merchants and their individual affiliate programs so you will always know beforehand what it is you will be signing up for.

Ease of Use

Signing up to become an Avantlink affiliate is pretty easy and straightforward. All you need to do is head on over to the Affiliates tab and select Affiliate Application in order to start, after which you will be redirected to an application page where you are asked to fill out an online form. Provide your login credentials, contact information, company information, website information, accept their terms and conditions, and you are good to go. Take note, however, that your website will have to meet their criteria in order to get approved and become one of their affiliates, just like most affiliate marketing networks.

Similarly, their website is also incredibly easy to use and beginners will absolutely love the fact that they provide as much detail as they can about each and every feature and tool that they provide. Moreover, they also provide a detailed overview for every merchant that they have on board, which makes you privy to information about their affiliate program such as the commission percentage, cookie lifespan, average order size, special promos, and more. This makes it pretty easy for anyone to decide which merchants and their corresponding affiliate programs are the right ones.


Avantlink provides a wide range of features that will surely aid you in effectively promoting your affiliate links. For starters, they give you several means to link to products via the Merchant Ad List Interface. Here you can access banner ads, text ads, video ads, HTML ads or widgets, and even Flash-based ads. For those who want a more advanced approach, this platform also lets you create a Javascript request for ads that adapt based on the context and content of a given page, or even utilize a widget that allows you to show dynamic product content. You can also easily build custom affiliate tracking links to any page on a merchant’s website, automatically encode direct merchant links that appear in your website’s html into affiliate tracking links, easily manage datafeeds, or even publish dynamic content for coupons, sales and promotions. You can also designate space on your website to allow merchants to bid on that space for ad placements, get network tools and functionality on WordPress, publish and promote dynamic deals of the day content to blogs, and tap into their API for more advanced data input and retrieval. Finally, if you want even more features, the Avantlink App Market has got you covered. This gives you unlimited free access to some very powerful ad tools, plug-ins, and widgets that are submitted by independent developers and are approved by Avantlink.

Customer Support

If you have any problems or inquiries, the only way to contact their customer support team is via an online contact form. For those hoping for more support channels, you will be disappointed to know that they do not have phone, fax, email, or live chat support. Furthermore, they also do not have any FAQ sections.

What's the Verdict on Avantlink?

Worth It, Some Issues

Avantlink Review 2020 – Conclusion

With tons of merchants spanning a wide range of categories, a robust set of features, and a pretty user and beginner friendly website, Avantlink is definitely one of the more solid affiliate marketing networks in the industry right now. While it is certainly not a perfect platform, you won’t regret signing up to be an affiliate partner with them either. Check them out now!