The Rakuten Platform

Voted as the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for four years in a row, Rakuten Affiliate Network gives you the necessary tools to launch a profitable program. With the help of their intuitive, easy to use dashboard, you can track commissions, payments, links, as well as plug-ins, all from one location. Of course, any marketing campaign is not complete without a way for you to track your progress and assess how well you are doing. Thankfully, this platform gives you real-time data so you can do exactly that. Truly, with the help of this affiliate marketing network, long-term profitable partnerships between advertisers and publishers can be fostered.

Ease of Use

As we have discussed before, Rakuten Affiliate Network’s dashboard is incredibly easy to navigate and use that just about anyone can figure out how their platform works within a few minutes of playing around with it. Users will also appreciate the fact that, upon logging in, the dashboard readily displays all the most crucial information that you need, including key metrics for the month, top advertisers, trailing 30 day commission trend, as well as payment information. Furthermore, thanks to the top navigation, you can easily navigate to link codes, reports, advertiser programs, and account settings. Finally, much like the rest of the dashboard, the report functions of Rakuten Affiliate Network is pretty intuitive and a breeze to learn. In order to choose the site you want to view a report for, all you need to do is navigate to the dropdown menu found at the top right of the control panel, and pick one from there. Once you have chosen the site that you want a comprehensive report for, you can further dig deeper in the options, should you wish to create Quick Reports or Advanced Reports.


Compared to other more popular, or bigger, affiliate marketing networks, Rakuten Affiliate Network does two things better than most, namely: creating rotating banners and customized deep linking. To begin with, the rotating banner feature can save you lots of time because you won’t have to go through several hoops, like testing several ad units from an advertiser one by one or plugging them into a third party ad server in order to rotate them. This platform allows you to create a 300×250 ad unit that can automatically rotate the banners at random with just one piece of link code. In addition, you can check how the ads are performing and remove the ones that aren’t up to task. Rakuten Affiliate Network’s deep linking feature, on the other hand, allows you to create a deep link that will take your viewer to directly to the product page you are marketing, instead of the advertiser’s default landing page. This eliminates the need of the user to navigate the entirety advertiser’s website just to get to the product itself, thus increasing your affiliate link’s conversion rate.

Customer Support

Should you feel inclined to contact their customer support for any inquiries or assistance requests, you can call them via phone, send them an email, or reach out to any one of the listed national and international offices. Additionally, they also provide a wealth of educational tools and other training materials such as video tutorials, monthly newsletters, in-person training, as well as consultations and early access to new technology for platinum-status publishers.

What's the Verdict on Rakuten Affiliate Network?

A Must Try

Rakuten Affiliate Network Review 2020 – Conclusion

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing network with thousands of advertisers onboard? How about one that is free to join, has an intuitive, easy to use control panel, comprehensive support, and some really powerful features like rotating banners and deep linking? If so, then Rakuten Affiliate Network is definitely the right choice for you. Come check them out now!