Suite Plus is Sweet Plus

Aside from the Free Avast Business, they also offer other products. They have the Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Protection Plus, Endpoint Protection Suite and Endpoint Protection Suite Plus. They offer different levels of protection but what we really want to take a look is the Endpoint Protection Suite Plus.

When you avail of the Endpoint Suite Plus, you must subscribe a minimum 5 devices which will cost you $224.95/ year. Good thing is if you subscribe to more years you get a discount, with 5 devices for 2years you would only need to pay $334.95 or just $404.95 for a 3 year subscription.

Endpoint Suite Plus comes with additional features such as Email Server protection, Antispam and Firewall aside from the Workstation protection, File Server protection and Remote Management which is on the Endpoint Suite as well.

Endpoint Suite Plus helps you save time and cost with remote management so you can install and update devices remotely. They let your protect your files and email servers from attacks, intruders and spam. Avast lets you protect your computers with their silent firewalls to stop hackers. They even let you schedule scans when workers are not using their computers so it does not interfere with their productivity.

Endpoint Suite Plus is a real sweet deal since it comes with all the great features and it has a reasonable price.

What's the Verdict on Avast?

Worth It, Some Issues

Avast Review 2020 – Conclusion

Avast is not only a great antivirus provider, it also is very affordable. Firstly they offer it absolutely free to use on no matter how many devices you want to use. This is great for smaller businesses or start-ups to get some protection up if they still don’t have the budget for it. This is also a great gateway to Avast as you can try their services for free so you can decide whether or not to upgrade to their higher products. The Avast Endpoint Suite Plus is their most premier plan and it comes with great features and you can customize it to how many devices you would need and get discounts by subscribing to a longer term. Avast is one of the most popular names in antivirus and has been for years, so why not go ahead and try their product. Avant business is absolutely free so you don’t have to spend anything.