Not Just About Providing Products

Sophos is not just about providing antivirus products for businesses to use, they also provide training for customers and partners. These training or seminars are done online to help customers and partners of Sophos stay up to date on the latest product developments and help your proficiency with the program. Often times businesses assign a specific person to be in charge of the antivirus programs as an administrator and these courses can greatly help them with the task.

In terms of customer training, which the businesses would subscribe to, Sophos currently offers 37 different courses. These courses are grouped into categories such as Endpoint, Data Encryption, Email, and UTM. You can select any of the courses under each category depending on what you would want to learn about and then book your registration.

Each course would have a corresponding price to it though they could greatly help in your business and would be a wise investment.

What's the Verdict on Sophos?

Worth It, Some Issues

Sophos Review 2020 – Conclusion

Sophos provides a surprisingly good quality protection for you computers and mobile devices. Independent users have run test with Sophos and other antivirus software and they have seen that it has performed significantly well in comparison. Though pricing is not readily available on their website, they do offer a free trial for their products so there would be no risk in trying them out now while waiting for a reply from Sophos regarding pricing. So really the best way to go about using Sophos would be to take advantage of their free trial to get a feel of the product, inquire about the pricing just in case you decide to stick with them and wait for a reply. They may be worth the wait.