Webroot Mobile Protection

Businesses often use mobile phones or devices along with computers in their operations, especially for those that require their employees to be on the go. These devices are then exposed to cyber threats that could harm them and the business. Webroot provides comprehensive mobile protection for you devices so you can keep them protected as well as your computers.

With Webroot you are protected from malicious apps as it blocks them before they can infect your phone. It makes sure that the websites you are browsing and downloads are secure. You do not have to worry about losing devices as Webroot can locate lost or stolen devices as well as block unwanted callers and SMS. It is also linked to the Webroot cloud so your device protection is always updated realtime. Webroot works for both Android and iOS so you get protection for whatever device you are using.

What's the Verdict on Webroot?

Worth It, Some Issues

Webroot Review 2020 – Conclusion

Webroot may not be the perfect antivirus system available but they do provide a level of cyber protection. Relying solely on them may not be the way you would want to go but using them in conjunction with other products might be better. One compelling reason to use Webroot would be that they offer good mobile protection. If your business relies on mobile devices then getting Webroot to protect them is a good option. Webroot offers a 30 day free trail so you can check out their products without having to spend money. That way you can see if Webroot works for you so you can make a decision if you want to continue with them.