Why AppMakr Made Our List!

AppMakr offers a high level of affordability, flexibility and ease-of-use in comparison to other app making platforms available in the market. If you are planning to have an app for your business or website, all that you would have to do is signup for a free account on AppMakr, give a name for your app and enter the website from where the content is to be obtained. The content would be fetched automatically by AppMakr and apps can be developed for multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, iPhone and Android so that it can be used by a wide majority of people. You would also get insights into the performance of your app across various platforms. When you customize the app, it gets updated automatically across all platforms without you having to do it for each. Also, you can have a look at the updates you have made by making use of the preview function.

AppMakr would provide you with a link using SMS or send a QR Code to your device, using which you can access the app you developed using different devices. Also, there are no restrictions or limitations whatsoever and you would be abel to use any number of message boards, classified ads, chat rooms, mCommerce or social networking links. The latest update to their app making interface, meanwhile, adds even more benefits to the table. For starters, they now offer templates that you can choose from — making app creation even faster than before. They also added two navigation options you can use: a hamburger-style menu or a material-design thumb menu. These make apps more in line with modern design standards, as well as make the navigation and overall app usage easier. Even better, they still continue to offer the interface in as many as 15 languages, making it more convenient for publishers in every corner of the globe.