How to Build an App

Quick and easy are two words that might as well be an APPr guarantee. Using their service, app creation becomes a simple three-step process involving robust templates, your own content and customization options.

Choose Your Template

APPr has a dozen templates for you to pick from, all with a theme specific to an app’s intended use. Some examples: a church template, on which you can show worship schedules, community groupings, missions, and updates; a restaurant template, on which you can show your menus, food photos, specials, contact details and location; and even a photography portfolio template, on which you can easily put up your work, resume and contact details for people interested in hiring you. There is an available template for nearly every possible app; and if you find no perfect fit, it’s easy to pick the closest one and just customize it to your heart’s content using APPr’s in-browser editor.

Add Your Content

Speaking of customization, there is no better way to make an app your own than adding that personal touch. You can upload handpicked images straight from your computer, as well as add your own text to the app.

Previewing and Testing

When you’re ready, you can publish your app to preview and test it on and within APPr’s own mobile app. Here is when you’ll encounter APPr’s sole caveat: you can preview, test and share your app completely free of charge–but only through APPr’s mobile app, where community members like you will be able to see and use it. Not so bad for a free option, as there are thousands of APPr users; you’ll be able to thoroughly work out  the kinks of your app in no time. If and when you’re ready to share your app with the rest of the world, APPr’s one-time fee and monthly paid subscription kicks in.