Appy Jump

Not only can you build your app with Appy Pie, but you can also promote it as well with their Appy Jump program. This program, while not yet in effect, promises to help users launch successful promotional campaigns for their apps through 3 simple steps.


  1. Customize Your Ads – You have control over the images, color and destination of your ads to suit your needs and fit your target audience.
  2. Choose Your budget – There are no contracts or fixed subscriptions with Appy Jump, just set how many app installs your budget can accommodate. You only have to pay for actual installs and not for any impressions or clicks made.
  3. Launch Ads and Measure Success – Appy Jump offers real-time access to app analytics so you can gain valuable insights on the performance of your apps on all platforms.


Appy Jump allows users to reach out to link-minded audiences who share similar traits to their current customers . Users can also choose the advert audience by assessing the size of their potential market and choosing the category of audience based on demographics such as age, purchases, behaviour and many others. The pre-defined custom audiences allows users to reach out to customers in a much safer and secure manner and to get noticed by users across multiple devices much easier. All this results in your app being exposed to a wider number of potential customers at a price you can work with. Hopefully, Appy Pie launches this program soon.