Aquro’s creativity and flexibility leave you with a multitude of options at each step of the app development process–and even beyond that. What it lacks in mobile OS options, it makes up for with a truly robust toolbox for you to use throughout the life cycle of your app. The best part is that you can sample this all for free–as long as you don’t mind that your work is publicly accessible and open-source.

Once you subscribe, you can level up the features available to you and also set your app as a private, closed source. You can even export your source code–something not all app maker companies allow you to do. This gives you the power of choice: you can take your code and use the back-end and support services of another company, or stay and continue managing your app through your Aquro account.

The Aquro Platform–which you will use to build and work with your app–is made up of three connected services:

  • Aquro App Studio, a suite of tools designed for speedy and efficient app development;
  • Aquro App Manager, which allows you to handle your Aquro account and all your apps, and assign roles and permissions; and
  • Aquro Secure MBaaS (Mobile Back-End as a Service), which you can use to manage tasks that happen outside of your app–like push notifications, data exchange and more.

The work behind this platform is industry-leading and meant to ensure that anyone, from a true beginner to a professional developer, will be able to create and design a flexible and fully customizable app without months or years of learning how to code. Plus, it’s completely web based. There are no hardware or software requirements, other than a computer with a browser and an Internet connection.