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The Definitive List of App Programming Tutorials

With over two million apps published in iTunes and Google Play alone, everybody is becoming an app developer. App coding tutorials have popped up left and right. Instead of leaving you to wander the realms of the internet, seeking out reviews on your own, we decided to take on the enormous task of compiling all […]

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What Are Progressive Web Apps?

When you set out to build a mobile app, one of the first questions you have to answer is: iOS or Android? This goes beyond simple personal preference. Choosing your main operating system will also determine your app’s environment. Will your app be coded with Java, Objective-C, Swift? Will you be submitting your app to […]

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

Everyone these days is on the Internet, and most are using their smartphones. As a small business owner, having an online presence is a requirement; Facebook pages, as well as company Twitter and Instagram accounts, are commonplace and expected. And while your own mobile-responsive website is typically the next step after that, it may be […]

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