GovRegistry.US Subscription

When you run a search with GovRegistry.US initially, you will be prompted to sign up for a subscription before you can access the report itself. Though we have mentioned that they also offer a 7 day trial at $4.95, which is actually just 3 days when you look at their FAQ section so there is a little uncertainty there. After the trial you would have to pay a monthly subscription of $19.95 but this would give you unlimited access to reports.

GovRegistry.US gives their members unlimited access to all their records gathered from various public and private sources. Get information about criminal records, arrests and convictions, sex offender check, civil judgements, bankruptcies and liens, relatives and associates, DOB, address history, property ownship, vital records and death index. Granted this is not guaranteed as they only rely on the availability of these records.

The trial might be a good step to take as it barely costs anything and lets you see just how effective the search results of GovRegistry.US are.

What's the Verdict on GovRegistry.US?

There Are Better Options

GovRegistry.US Review 2020 – Conclusion

GovRegistry.US may not be the best option to go with for a background search service especially with the concerns regarding the billing and pricing of their service. Though if they are really something that you would want to use, you can easily do so with a $4.95 trial that will allow you access to the same features as a regular member. If you do decide to continue then you would automatically be billed the monthly fee after the trial period and if not, you would just have to contact customer support before the trial period is over. So why not go ahead and give GovRegistry.US a try.