Pricing and Features

US Search offers a variety of look-up options- you can do a people search by entering their first and last name, phone number, or address. To filter the results to a more relevant batch, you can also include the city or state of the person’s last known residence or whereabouts. The basic report costs $2.45, and includes the searched person’s full name and aliases, address and residence history, phone number, and known relatives and associates.

Adding a 1-State Criminal check such as charge history and court records to the mix costs $14.95 per report. But if you want the complete background check containing all the previous information as the other reports plus neighbor information, social networks, property ownership, civil judgments, bankruptcies and marriage/divorce records then that would cost a premium $39.95 per report.

They also offer email search to find a person, or you can search a person’s name and get all the known email addresses they are affiliated with. This kind of search also gets you the physical addresses associated with the email and would only cost you $4.95 but is on sale for only $3.45 per report. The information is very limited but the price is also very affordable.

You can also do an Instant Nationwide Criminal Search that can give you more information from 43 different states. This would only cost $24.95 regularly but is on sale for $18.75 which is only a little more than the single state search.


OmniSearch is a product offered by US Search that allows you to conduct unlimited people and telephone searches monthly for an affordable monthly subscription. US Search has access to billions of public records for people in the US which may include, when available, criminal records, background checks, phone and property information which can all be accessed with OmniSearch.

These information will be presented in a neat report, but only if the information is available as there is still no guarantee that a person has all these information on public records. They cost $2.95 for a single report or $19.95 monthly for unlimited reports for a month. They also offer a quarterly term that only costs $49.85.

  • Full Name & Aliases

  • Age/DOB

  • Contact Information

  • Address

  • Associates/Relatives

  • Social Networks

You can also purchase add-ons to the report at affordabale pricing to make your reports more comprehensive.

  • National Criminal Records: $19.95

  • Marriage & Divorce Records: $2.95

  • Property Records: $4.95

  • Email Addresses: $2.95

  • Enhanced Relatives Search: $4.95

  • Enhanced Associates Search: $2.95

Using OmniSearch can surely get you the information you are looking for about a person should that information be on public records.

What's the Verdict on US Search?

Worth It, Some Issues

US Search Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for an easy way to get certain information about people then US Search is the one for you. They allow specified searches so you can get the information that you need and not have to pay a premium for a complete report that you don’t need. Get personal information, relatives and associates, criminal background and contact details easily and pay only for the report you need. They also have OmniSearch which allows you unlimited people and background searches for an affordable monthly fee so you can search as much as you want, learn about co-workers, neighbors and friends by using US Search’s quality service. Go ahead and check out US Search today!