How Ghost Made The Grade!

Ghost is a JavaScript-based open source blogging platform launched by John O’Nolan, a former leader of the WordPress user interface team. O’Nolan became frustrated with the complexity of using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) and was looking for a placeholder for WordPress blogging.

Nolan started a campaign to raise a £25,000 fund for starting his blogging platform project on April 29, 2013. He got a positive response for his fundraiser campaign and many big companies and businessmen came forward to provide him necessary help and funding. The project was successfully funded in only 11 hours and the final funding amount is increased to total £1, 97,000. The project has been supported by many individual businessmen like Seth Godin, Darren Rowse, and also some major companies like Woo themes and Microsoft. Nolan has understood the requirement of many professional bloggers who need a pure blogging platform that WordPress was missing due to emphasizing on providing CMS and recently working as a web OS.

Ghost is emerging as a good choice for many bloggers who need a pure blogging platform and nothing else. WordPress was losing their main motivation of providing a blogging platform and they are diverting to provide CMS websites and recently they were also providing Web OS. Ghost understood that some people need a simple and elegant blogging platform and that’s why Ghost was launched.

The dashboard of Ghost is very intuitive and every information that you need about your blog is available here in your dashboard. On the left side of your dashboard you can see the posts of your blog and a quick statistics of your blog is provided at the right side.

This design gives you a new blogging experience where you don’t have to click on every single link to get necessary information about your blog and its traffic. The editor of Ghost is also quite innovative and you can see your content live on the preview page on the right while you make some changes on the left side content editor. If you want to develop your blog from scratch then you can download Ghost and do some changes on the JavaScript to get your custom blog or you can hire a freelancer who has knowledge of JavaScript. JavaScript is the same programming language in which our famous Google browser Chrome has been written.

Important Buyer Information

If you love innovations then you can test Ghost because it is free. Although, since it is in the initial phase of launching, you should face some difficulties to build a blog if you download it. But making a blog on their platform is very easy and any beginner can easily make an elegant looking blog for himself on this free platform. Ghost is taking an amount of $10 per month for hosting your blog on their server. There are still many speculations about this blogging platform since it is newly launched and still in the beta-testing phase.

If you want to make your own custom blog then I would think that WordPress is still better because you can see many tutorial videos on Youtube of how to upload WordPress and edit it for getting a custom blog. However, I saw that many tutorials are also available on Ghost’s official site for giving you proper information of how to download and edit their blogging platform.

What's the Verdict on Ghost Blogging?

Worth It, Some Issues

Ghost Blogging Review 2020 – Conclusion

Ghost is a new blogging platform and it needs some time to gain the proper feedback from its real users so that we can conclude anything about this platform. But you can try it yourself because it is available for free to download. I am a quite sceptical about this blogging platform and confused whether to recommend it or not. But you always have a chance to try it anytime.

But I think that the future of this platform is bright since many big software companies like Envato and Microsoft have already shown interest on this blogging platform. The last choice will always be yours to decide and let’s hope for a good future of this new blogging platform so that the users always have a choice for best blogging platform on the internet.