Exciting Features From LiveJournal

After its launch in the year 1999, LiveJournal has emerged as a famous website where people can not only blog to their relevant interests but can also get updated news from various journals across the world. LiveJournal is not only a blogging platform but is has many social networking features that makes it best choice for many beginners and journal lovers who love to read updated news and blogs.

The most exciting feature of LiveJournal is ‘friend’s list’ which provides a strong social aspect to the bloggers of this website. You have a friend’s page on this blog where each journal entry of your friends is provided. You can post comments on any available journal of this website and make a link with your journals. LiveJournal is a best way to not only communicate with the likeminded people but it can also help to increase the presence of your personal blog. Another benefit of using LiveJournal is your identity remains anonymous on this blog and you will never be asked for providing your personal details.

This is the reason why many youngsters use this blogging platform for posting adult and mature contents anonymously on LiveJournal. LiveJournal is very famous in Russia and U.K.

Important Buyer Information

LiveJournal may not be your first choice if you are looking to make a professional or business blog for yourself. However, you make a small journal on this website to get visitors for you main blog that have same interests according to your profession or services. There are many categories on LiveJournal that you can choose from to increase your presence as a business owner or services provider. LiveJournal is available in various languages like French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and many more so you can get a good friends list of likeminded people from this platform that can help not only to increase your presence but to grow your business as well. LiveJournal is very famous among Russian blogosphere community and the top 80 Russian blogs out of 100 are from this blogging platform.

LiveJournal is also providing paid services by paying $25 for 12 months, $15 for 6 months, and $5 for 2 months. LiveJournal will not show any advertisements on the blog of paid users and you can also send and receive text messages on your registered mobile number with LiveJournal without sharing your number with other users. However, this platform lacks many common features that you need for making a professional blog like templates, widgets, and SEO.

What's the Verdict on LiveJournal?

A Must Try

LiveJournal Blogging Review 2020 – Conclusion

Social networking is changing the whole scene of our world. LiveJournal is not only a blogging platform but also a social networking one where you can make a large list of likeminded friends who can not only listen to your opinions but can become your customer in future.

LiveJournal is best for many artists like photographers, musicians, authors, and lyric writers who can share their demo arts and make a fan base for their artworks. They can make a private blog for their artworks on other platforms and join it to their existing LiveJournal’s journal for getting traffic and buyers for their artworks. I must recommend this blogging platform to anyone who loves journals and social networking.