Komik Reader is a good, solid app for casual comic book readers, especially those who’d rather not have to learn a slew of new controls just to read their files. The app makes this clear right from the get-go, welcoming you with a simple start-up routine that only requires you to direct the app to your files to begin importing. There’s also a summary of features and a quick navigation tutorial, so you don’t risk getting lost in the app.

Comic Reader Features

In line with its more casual bent, Komik Reader supports CBR and CBZ, the most common file formats for digital comics. Additionally, it will also open most image file archives.

Even the actual reading experience is marked by how effortless it is. Komik Reader arms you with simple navigation controls: all it takes to flip a page, for example, is to swipe your finger across your device’s screen. The app also switches automatically to landscape mode for dual-page spreads, so you can transition gracefully from one page orientation to another as your comic book file demands. You can also zoom quickly on any section of a page, a feature that comes in handy especially for reading text-heavy speech bubbles or panel captions.

Tapping and holding any point of the screen also activates a quick-scrubbing feature. This gives you a thumbnail view of the pages of each comic book, so you can scroll quickly through the contents of an issue and jump to any page that catches your eye. Unlike other comic book readers, though, the stripe of thumbnails that pops up is oriented vertically rather than horizontally. This makes for a more comfortable movement for scrubbing through your comic pages, especially if you’re holding your device in one hand.

Those are the basic and most accessible functions, but you can modify some more advanced settings by bringing up a separate menu. Having these options tucked into a different pane saves you screen space and keeps you from being overwhelmed with options, as you don’t have to dig through more detailed settings unless you particularly want to tweak them.

The app also lets you set bookmarks as you read, so you can build up a list of noteworthy sections without having to interrupt your reading. There aren’t any functions for extensive marking up or annotating your comics, but considering how the app caters more to a casual audience, that’s not a critical omission.

Collection Management

When it comes to library management, Komik Reader displays your collection as a set of thumbnails that you can easily browse. You can also place files within custom categories, which appear as stacks of issues seen from overhead. These categories are your main tool for managing your library, and they’re also your best bet for keeping any large collection in line; unlike more powerful comic book reading apps, there’s no complex system of filters, automatic lists, or other more advanced features that will let you parse through the contents of your library in a more flexible way. There also isn’t a search function that lets you look up specific titles from across your entire collection right now, but the developers have recently announced that they’re working on rolling that out in the app’s upcoming versions.

Komik Reader remains in active development, with creators putting out notices for new features to look forward to with each update. Right now, for example, you can be on the lookout for a library search function and a dedicated widget that will let you jump quickly to your comic book collection from the home screen of your phone. This only goes to show that prospective users can expect Komik Reader to keep improving on its already-considerable features.

Availability and Pricing

Komik Reader is available as a free, ad-supported app on the Google Play Store. If you’d like to get rid of the ads, though, there’s also the option of downloading the app’s premium version for $2.00.

Customer Support

For any issues or questions, you can send the developers an e-mail or contact them through the Google Play Store.

What's the Verdict on Komik Reader?

Worth It, Some Issues

Komik Reader Review 2020 – Conclusion

Komik Reader is a good choice for more casual readers of digital comics, as well as those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. The app takes care to walk new users through its various features, and initial set-up is a breeze. The reading experience is just as neat and uncomplicated, with simple navigation controls and a clean interface. Users who’d like greater control over their reading experience or comics collection will bemoan the lack of advanced features, but users who just want to read their comics quickly and easily will find a solid app in Komik Reader.