Pricing and Features

Identity Force offers two products: UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit.

UltraSecure focuses solely on identity protection and has four main functions- Monitor, Alert, Control and Relax. It has features which can help secure your most vital information and prevent criminals from stealing your identity. This plan costs $17.95/month or with a discount at $179.50/year, which is relatively cheap given its wall of features. Unfortunately though, it does not offer any credit reporting service, which is quite understandable, given that Identity Force’s primary function is for ID theft protection. Nevertheless, they could have easily included even the most basic credit reporting features. Other brands have chosen to provide their users a mix of both worlds, so it is a bit disheartening that this company did not follow suit.

UltraSecure+Credit consists of all of the previous plan’s features on identity theft protection mixed with credit reporting service. It offers daily three bureau credit monitoring, which includes instant online access to your credit reports from the three credit bureaus- Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. It also offers a credit simulator similar to most credit reporting services. Take note, Identity Force is one of the few that gives you the control to monitor your 3-bureau credit report daily, aside from the monthly score tracker included in this package. At $23.95/ month or $239.50 for a year, this product is definitely the most popular offerings of Identity Force for its competitive price and features.

Customer Support

For inquiries, clarifications and comments, you can reach their customer support team via their hotline, office address, email address, and thru social media. Although they do not offer a live chat support for instant communication, you can always leave a message on their contact page and a representative will happily assist you at the soonest possible time. Or, you can visit their carefully organized FAQ page and find the solutions by yourself.

Protection for you and your credit

Banks, credit unions, utility companies, rental property owners, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and prospective employers- these are just a few of the people and organization that take a peek at your credit scores and reports. One negative report and you can potentially lose an opportunity to work for a stable company, or you would have to say goodbye to that gorgeous apartment a few blocks away from the city’s center.

It would definitely be a wise step to start monitoring your credit scores and reports as frequently as possible, and Identity Force helps you achieve that responsible step. Aside from a quarterly credit report update and a monthly credit score tracker, they also provide you with a daily 3-bureau credit monitoring. Imagine the awareness that you can have when you have more knowledge of where you are standing financially. So don’t let another minute pass — be financially responsible by being knowledgeable of your credit whereabouts. Go and check out Identity Force’s UltraSecure+Credit for more information.

What's the Verdict on Identity Force?

A Definite Buy!

Identity Force Review 2020 – Conclusion

Even though Identity Force is more of an identity theft protection service, they still provide the essentials for credit monitoring. More importantly, the security features that they offer will definitely safeguard your precious private information and ensure that you and only you can benefit and impact your credit scores. Plus, with a low price tag, daily credit monitoring, unique protection features and a free trial, you should definitely feel the force and give this one a try.