Best Online Custom Suits and Tailored Dress Shirts

Imagine yourself dressed to the nines in your three piece suit that fits you like a glove. You feel as good as you look — and the best part about it is, you didn’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to perfect your ensemble. That’s the beauty of buying your custom suits online — not only are they very convenient, they are cheaper too! You can customize your suit through personalization options and send your measurements too.

We have scoured the internet to bring you some of the best clothing companies in the business. So check out our reviews for the top ten websites that provide the best online custom suits and tailored dress shirts experience now!

Indochino1st9.9 out of 10Varies

Indochino Review

An awesome bespoke clothier that offers affodable prices, easy suit customization process, and even free global shipping.Full Indochino Review »
Black Lapel2nd9.8 out of 10Varies

Black Lapel Review

A fantastic bespoke clothier that uses only the finest materials, with suits being offered at attractive prices -- plus free shipping almost anywhere!Full Black Lapel Review »

Blank Label

3rd9.7 out of 10Varies

Blank Label Review

A highly recommended online custom clothier thanks to their affordable prices, deep customization options, complimentary remake offer, and lots more!Full Blank Label Review »


4th9.4 out of 10Varies

Hockerty Review

A relatively low cost online clothier for the gentleman on a budget, offering tons of choices, a nifty designer tool, and even free global shipping.Full Hockerty Review »

Knot Standard

5th9.4 out of 10Varies

Knot Standard Review

A complete custom clothier that provides deep customization options, tons of measurement options, and even a generous 1-year replacement policy.Full Knot Standard Review »

Hive & Colony

6th8.6 out of 10Varies

Hive & Colony Review

A simple, yet affodable online custom clothier that offers a truck that goes door-to-door to provide accurate measurements via a 3D body scanner.Full Hive & Colony Review »

J. Hilburn

7th8.4 out of 10Varies

J. Hilburn Review

An online custom suit clothier that offers high quality materials, a personalized fitting process, and great return and exchange policy.Full J. Hilburn Review »


8th8.0 out of 10Varies

Suitsupply Review

A simple online clothier that is great for those on a budget. They also provide a great return policy and fast shipping times.Full Suitsupply Review »

Alton Lane

9th7.6 out of 10Varies

Alton Lane Review

In addition to a high-tech 3D body scanning technology, this online clothier provides tons of customization options for the modern gentleman.Full Alton Lane Review »

Astor and Black

10th7.6 out of 10Varies

Astor and Black Review

A great bespole clothier that provides suits crafted from some of the finest materials in the industry -- plus tons of customization options!Full Astor and Black Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Each company in our Top Ten Custom Suits and Tailored Dress Shirts category have earned their spot on the list because of the wealth of unique features and offerings that they provide gentlemen who prefer their crisp suits to fit them like a glove. And while you would have to visit the reviews for each to get a more in-depth look at their service, you can easily get a pretty good idea of what kind of service to expect just by taking a look at our handy top ten table above.

Ease of Use pertains to how user-friendly the company's entire shopping experience is and -- for those who offer online suit building features -- how easy it is to create a suit from the ground up using their respective tool. The Customization Options metric, meanwhile, tells you which online clothier offers more in the way of truly making your suit your own. Next, for those looking to get a great suit without having to pay the usual fortune, the Price metric should be of great interest to you. And, finally, no online clothier worth its salt would be caught without a stellar customer support and a great returns policy -- two important factors that the Customer Satisfaction metric takes into account.

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