Overview and Pricing

One look at Lesbotronic and you’ll get a pronounced “indie” feel from the website. That turns out to be an accurate impression: Lesbotronic is a personals site for women who love women, created and run by a small team of lesbians.

The site’s owners emphatically maintain that Lesbotronic is and will remain free, and it accomplishes that by getting revenue from ads scattered throughout the website instead. Still, that’s a small inconvenience to shoulder for a free site that captures more of that queer community sensibility than bigger online dating sites do.

That said, ad placements aren’t the only trade-off you’ll find here. Lesbotronic also makes it a point to cut down on what it deems to be irrelevant, bloated features that characterize many dating sites. The goal, as the site’s own bloated FAQ section explains, is to save you time and effort, as well as ensure higher-quality matches. To that end, Lesbotronic changes up the usual dating website approach, though the degree to which the site actually succeeds is debatable.