Best Genetic DNA Testing Kits 2019

There was a time when DNA tests could only be done exclusively in hospital laboratories and would cost a fortune. Plus, results would take months to process. Thanks to the great men and women of science, DNA testing has become easier to accomplish, not to mention  and a lot more affordable. Now, testing kits can be ordered online and delivered straight to your doorstep, while taking a specimen can be done by simply swabbing your inner cheek or collecting saliva into a cup.

You will find many DNA testing companies out there, but which ones can give you accurate and useful results? We searched high and low for different companies that offer this service, and found the ten best companies in the field. Check them out below!



1st9.7 out of 10$99.00 One Time22Ancestry, Ethnicity, HealthVaries

23andMe Review

Although a tad more expensive, 23andMe looks into your DNA to identify your origins, and offers details on your Neanderthal DNA percentage.Full 23andMe Review »


2nd9.5 out of 10$99.00 One Time22Ethnic6 to 8 weeks

AncestryDNA Review

With an easy process, Ancestry DNA bring you closer to your roots, with percentage of your ethnicity broken down across 26 regions.Full AncestryDNA Review »

Geno 2.0

3rd9 out of 10$179.95 One Time750,000Ethnic10 weeks

Geno 2.0 Review

Gene 2.0 focuses mostly on ancestry instead of genealogy, and participants can help contribute to the Genographic Project. Unfortunately, results take longer due to the number of customers.Full Geno 2.0 Review »

Family Tree DNA

4th8.9 out of 10$79.00 One TimeVariesAncestry and Ethnicity6-10 weeks

Family Tree DNA Review

Family Tree DNA offers various tests for ethnicity and ancestry, and you can even import your results from other DNA testing facilities.Full Family Tree DNA Review »


5th8.8 out of 10$89.00 One TimeChromosome pairPaternity3-5 working days

HomeDNA Review

HomeDNA uses chromosomal testing for paternal identification, and they are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks.Full HomeDNA Review »


6th8.7 out of 10$89.00 One TimeUnspecifiedRelationship2 business days

Identigene Review

Despite customer support shortcomings, Identigene results can be used in the court by the New York Health Department guidelines.Full Identigene Review »

Rapid DNA

7th8.5 out of 10$199.00 One Time16 and 21Various3-5 business days

Rapid DNA Review

Offering both 16 and 21 marker tests, Rapid DNA Testing can provide results with more than 99.99% accuracy- results can take longer though.Full Rapid DNA Review »


8th8.2 out of 10CAD239.00 One Time15Paternity7 business days

Viaguard Review

Viaguard uses 15 DNA markers for their testing process, which is not as accurate as other brands, and their paternity testing kit is expensive.Full Viaguard Review »
Paternity Depot9th8 out of 10$59.00 One Time16Paternity3 to 5 days

Paternity Depot Review

As the name suggests, Paternity Depot focuses on paternal testing and doesn't do much in letting you know about your ancestry, but they do offer a cheap testing kit.Full Paternity Depot Review »


10th7.7 out of 10$79.00 One Time16Biological and Ancestry3-5 working days

SwabTest Review

A paternity DNA testing option with ISO certification, and results come out just after several days.Full SwabTest Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Purpose of DNA Testing

While paternity tests are the most popularly used kits to determine one's fatherhood, there are other connections that can be determined with DNA testing. One of the growing reasons for taking the test is to learn more about a person's ancestry and ethnic roots, where you can find out your relations with the people in the past, and what percentage of a certain race runs in your blood. Some companies even enable you to reach out to close genetic matches, so you can learn more about them, and more importantly, yourself.

DNA Markers

Wikipedia defines DNA markers as a "specific gene or sequence that can be used to identify species, or in this case, individuals." This is one of the main subjects looked into when testing your DNA, and the more markers that the companies can identify, the more accurate their results will be. Some DNA testing facilities can identify more than a hundred markers, giving them a vast insight on your lineage, while others can check on around 16 to 25, which are more than enough for simpler purposes.


You wouldn't want just anyone learning about your DNA information and familial history, which is why the results of the test should be for your eyes and your eyes alone. Moreover, while DNA testing companies may retain information about your results for research purposes, it is important to keep identifying information linking the data to you under lock and key. And of course, your full consent should always be a factor in storing and using your data.

Delivery of Results

Results are universally delivered via a unique link sent to your email, while the estimated time wherein results are available vary from company to company. You will find that some of them can produce the results in 3 to 5 days, which is quite impressive, considering they are tinkering with the building blocks of life. There are some that can take a week or two, and there are even some that can take several weeks not because of the testing process itself, but because of the number of people that are submitting their specimens for testing.

Company Reputation

Trust is a vital factor in DNA testing for whatever purpose it serves, as it can bring about life-changing decisions for you and your family. Knowing that a company provides reliable and accurate results gives you the peace of mind that the test is processed according to the standards, whether scientific or legal in nature. The number of years that they have in the field can mean that they have been tried and tested numerous times by a large volume of customers. It is also wise to keep in mind that having accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks is a must in any DNA testing laboratory in the US.

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