Pricing and Features

Rapid DNA Testing carries a variety of testing types under their belt. They have paternity, maternity, siblingship, aunt and uncle, cousin, grandparent, infidelity, adoption and reunion, and ancestry testing. They also offer their very own DNA Fingerprint Test Plus, which can uncover details about ancestral and ethnic origins. The test uses the newest discovery in the field, determining 18 different ethnic markers for a more accurate result, and can show several ethnic regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and Native America.

Despite having a whole boatload of tests on offer, Rapid DNA Testing has a simple pricing system that applies to all of these kits. Their basic Home DNA kit costs $199, with a private collection process which can be done by you or a member of your family. They also offer more sophisticated services like their In Lab DNA test, which costs $299 and will have legal DNA collectors accomplish the task. The results can later be upgraded to a court-admissible document. If you want to be able to use the results legally upon receiving them, you can avail of their Legal DNA test, which carries a price tag of $399. All of the prices are inclusive of the processing fees, and there are no hidden charges that will surprise you when you order their products.

Collection Process

Collecting the specimen for Rapid DNA Testing’s tests can be done conveniently from the comfort of your own home. You can use the two cotton swabs that you will find in your package to rub the inner lining of your cheek with. You must remember to cover as much area as possible and not to rub in one place over and over again. You’d have to do this twice for each cheek to ensure that there is enough specimen to be tested. Be sure not to put the used swabs back into the plastic wrapper, but into the collection kit so as not to grow molds that will render the samples unusable for the test. Place it inside the Business Reply envelope provided, and mail it back to their laboratory.

Other Specimen

If obtaining a buccal swab is impossible, you can use other specimen for the test. These include clothings, ear wax, blood and urine, hair, cigarette butts, glass, paper, plastic, nail clippings, licked stamps, chewed gum, used tissue, vaginal and semen stains, dental floss, dried skin, and used razor. Of course the consent of the participating individual should be obtained first before sending his or her specimen to the lab.

Don’t forget to register your kit at their website since the results will be released online. This helps ensure that you and only you will have access to such sensitive information.


Once the specimen is in their labs, you can expect the results within 3 to 5 business days, although the delivery on this commitment varies, as evidenced by numerous customer feedback. It seems that some results take more than several days to arrive, with some customers waiting for a whole month or more before getting theirs. Still, each customer’s experience is unique, and it can be possible that these cases are due to unforeseen circumstances encountered during the testing process.

By default, RapidDNA looks for 16 different DNA markers to establish biological relationship between two individuals. If you need a more detailed set of results, then they can even look into 21 markers to give the assurance of a 99.99% accuracy.

DIY Testing Kit

Did you know that just with a couple of cotton swabs, you can make your own DNA testing kit from home? All you have to do is use those swabs to lightly scrape your inner cheek, just as with their regular kits, put it inside a standard sized paper envelope, then write the necessary details on the front side. This would include the order ID which will be sent out during checkout and via a confirmation email, the collection date, contact number, complete name, date of birth, the role of the individual (potential father, mother, sibling, and so on), and the dominant race of the participant. Once you have the envelope placed into a mailing package, you can then send it to Rapid DNA Testing’s laboratory. You can then sit back and patiently wait until the results are available.

Customer Service

Rapid DNA Testing has a FAQ section containing factoids about their testing process, sample collection, DIY testing kit, and paternity case samples. Each of these pages offer sufficient explanation on the topic at hand, so you might want to give it a quick visit before placing an order. If have concerns that would require the assistance of their representative, you can contact them via phone and email. You can also catch them on Facebook and LinkedIn for the updated news and posts.

What's the Verdict on Rapid DNA?

Worth It, Some Issues

Rapid DNA Testing Review 2020 – Conclusion

Rapid DNA Testing has one of the most populated list in terms of DNA testing, boasting both of familial and ancestry testing, with the freedom to submit specimen aside from the usual cheek swabs. They also offer results which can be used in court, although these come at a more expensive price. For accuracy of the testing process, they initially check for 16 DNA markers to help establish the connection between the person and alleged relative, going up to 21 markers if the need arises. Results can get delayed, though, and several customers have experienced this unfortunate shortcoming from the service, with some receiving theirs a month late. Your experience may vary though, and given Rapid DNA Testing’s flexible and convenient testing process, it can still be worth a try.