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Aside from domain registration services, Gandi.net also has web hosting, DIY website builder, SSL, and corporate services. These services, coupled with their domain service, is perfect for small to medium size businesses because they can find all that they need under one roof.


Since Gandi.net has over 382 domain extensions on offer it would be impossible to cover everything in this review. Instead, we shall take a look at a couple of the most common domains and their corresponding price tags. Let’s start off with the most used extension, the .com. Registration for one year, as well as renewal per year, goes for $15.50, but goes up to $16.28 if you factor in tax. Transferring costs $8.00, but goes up to $8.40 if tax is included. If you wish to change the owner of the domain, you need to pay $7.50, or $7.88 if taxes are factored in. Should your domain get deleted due to not getting renewed, you can restore it for $130.00, or $136.50 with tax. If .net domains are more your speed, then you should be prepared to pay $17.00, or $17.85 with tax, for a one year registration. The same goes for renewal. If you wish to transfer your domain, you need to pay $8.00, or $8.40 with tax. A change of owner will cost $7.50, or $7.88 with tax included. If you need to restore it, prepare to pay $130.00, or $136.50 if you factor in tax.


In addition to the most commonly used domain extensions like .com or .net, Gandi.net also has some very unique top level domains on offer. You can register domains like .alsace, .apartments, .archi, .auction, .band, .bar, .beer, .blackfriday, .cheap, .church, .discount, .energy, and many, many more. Due to the wealth of unique domain extensions available, you can be sure that you can find the most appropriate one for your website. Furthermore, you also get access to all the tools that you need to change your name servers, customize zone files, as well as create tags and attach them to your domains.

What's the Verdict on Gandi.net?

Worth It, Some Issues

Gandi.net Review – Conclusion

If you are looking for a competitive domain registrar that does not try to force countless advertisements or offers that you don’t need and is upfront and honest with its customers, then you should definitely check out Gandi.net. This company has over 382 domain extensions to choose from, with a large chunk being unique, descriptive domain extensions that are sure to fit your website perfectly. Finally, if domain registration is still not enough, the company also has other services that can truly help jumpstart your website or business. Head on over to Gandi.net in order to learn more!