What Makes SaleHoo & WorldWide Brands The Top Drop Shipping Companies

SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands topped our list of the best drop shipping directories — for good reason. Both have built quite a reputation for themselves and have become crowd-favorites among the drop shipping community. Some entrepreneurs are so thoroughly impressed with both these services that it’s a no-brainer to recommend the platform to other individuals who aspires to run their own online business. So, what makes SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands stand out from the rest?

Trusted and Tested Suppliers

First and foremost, if you are to build an online store that relies on drop shippers to fulfill orders, you’d need to have reliable suppliers by your side, and depending on your product offers, you may need multiple drop shipping partners. Since these suppliers are invisible in your customer’s eyes, it’s important that you are able to find those who are not only able to deliver, but also offer quality products.

SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands ensure that suppliers are top-notch

Both SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands ensure that suppliers are top-notch.

SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands verify and evaluate suppliers before they are added to their list, ensuring that their products and inventory are in top shape. Moreover, SaleHoo tests out the drop shipping service in terms of delivery and customer care, while Worldwide Brands visits trade shows and warehouses to find top wholesalers, to ensure that they are a legitimate businesses with high quality services.

This is one area where other drop shipping directories usually lack. While they do have many drop shippers listed, rarely do others go out of their way to check each and every supplier. This results to an outdated list riddled with companies that have expensive prices and substandard items. You won’t ever have to worry about this when you are subscribed to SaleHoo or Worldwide Brands.

Millions of Products

Since both of them have thousands of suppliers, you get to choose from a whole multitude of products. In fact, they each offer millions of items, from the most common everyday household consumables to niche products that have just hit the market. SaleHoo boasts of 11.6 million products, while Worldwide Brands offers the same amount from their catalog.

SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands offers tons of products

SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands offers tons of products you can sell!If you have a specific product in mind that you’d want to carry in your shop, you can search for them and see a list of suppliers that offer said products. Alternatively, you can also search for suppliers and browse through their items. If you can’t find a certain product from their catalog, you can go ahead and request it from their support team, and they will do their best to find a supplier for you. From what we’ve seen, other drop shipping companies do not offer this kind of service. Most usually stick to the usual product offerings, while rarely adding new niche items to their line-up.

Wholesale Prices

When you use a drop shipper to fulfill orders from your online store, you would have to base your pricing on the rates given by your partner suppliers. For example, if they priced their cartoon USB sticks at $5, then you need to set it at a higher price to gain profit, but not too high that customers will look for cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

If you have a drop shipper that offers low prices, not only can you get a decent profit from each item, but you can also gain an edge over the competition by offering cheaper prices. SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands carries drop shippers that offer wholesale prices, allowing you to get a good profit while customers get the best deals around. Judging from the numerous success stories floating around, entrepreneurs who have used Salehoo’s and Worldwide Brand’s services seem to be happy with their choice.

Drop Shipping Tools

SaleHoo's tools

SaleHoo’s updated tools allow you to do more tasks efficiently.

This is another aspect where these two easily beats the competition. You will have access to a whole boatload of drop shipping tools when you subscribe to their respective services. Let’s start off with SaleHoo. With the revamped version of their platform, the upgraded dashboard now shows the most important details in one place, and you can even check your favorite suppliers, browse saved product ideas, and monitor training progress. They also have their own market research lab, where they gather the top products from eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress and match those with potential suppliers. You can also discover items that have high sell rates, spot seasonal trends as they become trending, and compare product prices and sell rates.

Worldwide Brand tools

Worldwide Brands’ tools are equally useful, though slightly smaller in scope than SaleHoo’s.

Meanwhile, Worldwide Brands trails a bit behind compared to SaleHoo in this department, but the tools that they have under their belt are still pretty useful. You can, for instance, see an analysis of how easy or difficult a certain product will sell, check how in demand a product is based on search engine keywords, and get a glimpse of the competition by showing how many listings in Google, eBay, and Amazon have the same items.

Useful Resources

If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, you’ll need all the help that you can get in running your business. Not only do these drop shipping directories open the door to thousands of suppliers, they also have drop shipping articles and resources that you can read to learn the ins and outs of running an online store. You can also find ebooks and tutorial videos that can help you in setting up and managing your shop. They also have a community forum where you can ask co-members about certain issues, or share your experience with a supplier. Support teams are usually present and responsive in these forums, so you can ask them for suggestions and tips as well.

Instant Support

SaleHoo Live Chat Support

SaleHoo allows you to chat with suppliers directly!

SaleHoo’s support team can be contacted via live chat, so that any questions that you have will be answered almost instantly. If your concern involves suppliers, you can talk to them via chat anywhere on the website — no more waiting for hours or days to get clarifications regarding delayed or wrong items. Once again, Worldwide Brands lags behind in this regard — they only have email and phone support, but you can expect their team to respond as soon as possible. Moreover, their email support is available 7 days a week, and while it is stated that they will respond within  24 to 48 hours, they usually respond a lot faster than their estimated times.

The Bottom Line

And there you have it! The aforementioned factors above make SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands two of the best drop shipping directories out there. Coincidentally, these are actually the exact same features that you should be looking for in any drop shipping company. If you still haven’t found the company for you, keep those factors in mind when choosing. You can also check our top drop shipping companies — you’ll be able to see what each company has to offer and compare them so you can sign up for what is best for your online shop.