Tips for Finding the Perfect Drop Shipping Supplier

Let’s face it: drop shipping is a whole lot more convenient compared to the traditional way of running an online store. You don’t have to manage the whole inventory all on your own, after all. But because your products and order fulfillments are in their hands, a reliable and high quality drop shipping company is a definite must in this scenario. If you are currently searching for a drop shipping partner, then this article might just help you find one that is perfect for your business venture.

Search Far and Wide

Most people tend to stop at page one or two of a search engine’s result page, and give up if they haven’t found anything relevant by then. Search engine rankings depend a lot on SEO, or search engine optimization, which basically has a set of criteria that looks at everything from content quality to tags to back links from other websites.

Unfortunately, dozens of drop shipping companies – that are legit and credible, by the way – have not yet taken the time to optimize their websites. In other words, they may be sitting at the fourth page, or beyond, of search engine results. Some of these websites sport designs that look like they haven’t been updated since the 90s, which is usually a sign that their SEO may be in dire need of an overhaul.

As such, always cast a wider net when choosing for the right drop shipping partner. Sure, outdated websites are a huge turn off, but try to venture out of your comfort zone further, look at other less popular options and have some patience. You may just discover some hidden gems.

Contact Manufacturers Directly

If you haven’t already, try and reach out to the manufacturers themselves and inquire about drop shipping offers for the products that you want to carry. They may have an arrangement where you can drop ship with them directly, or they could have a list of authorized distributors that offers drop shipping deals. Since this can potentially bring in more sales for their company, most will be more than willing to help you find a way to sell their products. Moreover, since you are closer to the source, you’ll get better prices since there won’t be any markups from a middleman.

Eliminate the middleman from the equation.

Check out drop shipping directories

Drop shipping directories save you the time and effort from browsing manufacturers and wholesalers on your own. These services have tons of drop shippers under their roof, and scours for more on your behalf, after all. Although you may be faced with a one-time, or monthly, membership fee, most directories offer more than just a list of certified drop shippers; some offer tools to help give your online store more exposure, or a website building service if you have yet to build your storefront. Most importantly, subscription to a drop shipping service enables you to connect with suppliers and access their respective products, meaning you already have everything that you need in one place. Below are reviews of the popular drop shipping companies – go ahead and feel free to take a peek:

  1. SaleHoo
  2. Worldwide Brands
  3. Wholesale2b
  4. Inventory Source
  5. Doba

Read on Customer Reviews and Feedback

First-hand experiences of customers regarding drop shipping companies are a pretty accurate depiction of the quality of their service. Companies that uphold high standards when it comes to their service will most certainly gather positive feedback among the drop shipping community. On the other hand, those that continuously fail to fulfill orders and/or provide a satisfying experience will have a bunch of irate users calling them out on their lack of quality service. Of course, you won’t find a company that does not have negative feedback – even the best of the best will have a handful of bad reviews. Checking on how they respond to these negative reviews can give you an idea of their problem-solving processes.

Customer feedback can help you discern which drop shipper is worth your time

Customer feedback can help you discern which drop shipper is worth your time.Some drop shipping companies’ websites offer a testimonial section that contains statements from satisfied customers using their service. Of course, there’s a degree of bias here – posting negative feedback on their own websites would be company suicide, after all. Try to check for reviews on forums and discussion boards instead, where there is no pressure to give a company a positive feedback. This way you could get more honest statements from real people who actually subscribed to a specific company. Warrior Forum, Wholesale Forum, and Dropship Forum are just a few examples where you can find a bustling community of drop shippers sharing their own experiences.

Compare Plans and Packages

When it comes to drop shipping companies, there is no universal standard when it comes to pricing. Rates can range from a couple of dollars to hundreds; some as a monthly charge, others as a one-time fee. A wise thing to keep in mind is to avoid paying upfront without seeing the suppliers and products that they have on tap. You don’t want to spend your money first then find out later that you signed up for a company with sub par offers. Knowing what’s in store before opening up your wallet saves you this headache.

Always weigh your options.To ensure that you will be signing up for the best deals in the house, try comparing their offers side by side. Packages from drop shipping companies vary widely; some simply offer the supplier list and nothing more, while others add in automation tools, website building services, product listing exports, and more. Do take note, more perks do not automatically make a deal better – this is where your preferences come into play. If you have yet to build your online store and are not quite sure where to start, you may want a service that offers to build it for you. If you want less time updating your products and more time focusing on more exposure for your store, then automation tools may be for you. If you don’t want to be constantly paying a monthly fee for the supplier list, then a drop shipping company with a one-time fee should do the trick. A little window shopping wouldn’t hurt, and will even give you a better view of your options.

Sign-up for Free Trials

In order to entice users to check out their services, some drop shipping companies offer free trials so you can go on a test drive with no strings attached. A lot of these trials do not require your credit card information, so you don’t have to worry about automatic subscriptions once the trial period expires. You can even place test orders to see how fast their processing period and delivery are. This way, you yourself have a first-hand experience of their service, and you can set expectations if you ever decide to sign-up for a paid package.

Order fulfillment is entirely on your drop shipping partner. But, customers won’t see it that way, so any issue or mistake by the drop shipper means it’s your burden to bare. This is exactly why you should take your time and do as much research as you can when choosing a drop shipping company, no matter how tiring it may become. They can, after all, make or break your business. Hopefully, this article will be a helpful guide for you to finally find a drop shipping partner that can boost your presence and profits to unexpected levels without draining too much of your time and energy.

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