Wholesale2b Drop Shipping Stories

The Long and Winding Road to Success

Scott had always dreamed of starting his own business. However, upon exploring possibilities, he realized that due to lack of capital and experience, it wasn’t as easy as he had thought. Back then, entrepreneurs could only start a business by building a brick and mortar store, and a substantial capital was needed for that. Accepting that he was simply not yet ready, Scott decided to drop the dream for the time being.



Years later, the boom of eCommerce caught the attention of Scott. People were making money left and right, thanks to the low start-up costs. Scott decided it was the perfect time to give it another go. He thought about quitting his job, but it took some time and research before he finally decided to build an online store. His previous job involved sales and his strength was in selling items, so it was a no-brainer.  The difference in cost between building an online store versus a physical one was huge, and it gave him hope that he could finally run his own business. It’s also almost effortless to find manufacturers and wholesalers and apply for a reseller’s license with the power of the Internet.

There was one problem: He wasn’t well-versed in the technical aspect of eCommerce. He had no idea how to run and manage a website, let alone create one. Scott was overwhelmed by the multitude of information and services he found online. While some were harmless time-wasters, others were outright shams that set back his progress.



This was when he stumbled upon drop shipping. Not only did it remove the need to acquire and maintain an inventory, but the services he found offered eCommerce solutions and website building options. He tried signing up for one, and paid a couple hundred dollars up front.

Unfortunately for Scott, the drop shipping company he chose failed to deliver expectations. Weeks went by and his website still wasn’t finished, the product selection was limited, and the prices were surprisingly higher compared to retail prices. He wasn’t making much of a profit, either; so he decided to look for another drop shipper.

He came across numerous companies, all with similar offerings. After another with underwhelming offers and two scams that made him even more cautious, he finally crossed paths with Wholesale2b. At this point, all optimism and excitement was gone–that’s what encountering several bad eggs does.

He was in good hands; Wholesale2b offered extensive resources, and was able to pave the way for Scott to market his site on various platforms. It was a slow start, but with the resources he found on Wholesale2b, his business is now processing over 30 orders per day. His income has increased exponentially, surpassing his initial expectations. He is now planning to expand his business, this time focusing on niche products. With Wholesale2b’s diverse product selection given at wholesale prices, it’s certainly a viable option for Scott.


Ever Rising Profits

Yvon from Quebec joined the drop shipping craze in February 2013, and has been on a roll ever since. She uses Wholesale2b and enjoys the company’s selection of over a million items, with data feeds updated on a daily basis. She is also able to integrate the service with numerous platforms, giving her more exposure and ultimately, more sales. Upon starting, it didn’t take too long for her to earn more than $50 a day, thanks to Wholesale2b’s useful tools and superb service. It certainly looks like she struck gold on her venture, and it is no doubt that she highly recommends Wholesale2b to other neophyte entrepreneurs with the success that she experienced using their service.



Wholesale2b may not have a lot of individuals sharing their experience with the service, but the ones who were willing definitely gained a lot of benefit and seemed satisfied with what the company has to offer. It’s no wonder that Wholesale2b ended up on the third spot in our search for the best drop shipping companies. If you want to learn more about the specifics of their offers, go and check out our comprehensive review, and you may just find what you need.