Pricing and Payment Methods

Worldwide Brands charges a membership fee of $299, which gets you lifetime access to the company’s directory and services. For all of Worldwide Brands’ value, that’s still a steep price to pay upfront. Luckily, you have the option to pay by installment: $99 for the first month and $110 for two succeeding months.

Worldwide Brands accepts payments through PayPal or major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You’ll get a 60-day period to file for a full refund in case you’re dissatisfied, though bear in mind that if you pay by installment, you’ll only get 30 days.

Important Information: Linking Up With Suppliers

Because Worldwide Brands itself is an information sourcing company, it is worth noting that membership does not automatically grant you an account with every supplier in the directory. In order to set up an account with your preferred supplier, you must contact them directly.

Certification Process

The company’s full-time research staff visits industry leading tradeshows, both in the USA and around the world, and scours them to find the very best suppliers for their members to work with. They also talk directly to manufacturers to determine exactly who their authorized distributors are, and to find out which ones are willing to work with online sellers. All suppliers go through a strict qualification process before being listed and getting a seal of approval from Worldwide Brands.

International Suppliers

While the majority of suppliers listed int Worldwide Brands’ directory are located in the USA & Canada, around 60-70% of the suppliers will work with international sellers. This is good for those sellers who want to broaden their reach.

Directory Tools

Aside from connecting you to thousands upon thousands of suppliers, Worldwide Brands’ directory also has built-in research tools.

  • Demand gives you up-to-the-minute data to help you determine how many people searched for certain keywords throughout the day. This helps you get a better sense of which products are currently trending.
  • Competition delivers a rough estimate of how many online shops are currently selling a particular product. This helps you gauge whether or not you are about to enter a saturated market.
  • Advertising pulls ads from all over the web so you can see how your competition advertises their products. This is a useful tool for brainstorming and refining ideas so you can get a leg up on your competitors
  • Pricing pulls up a certain product’s current price on auction sites like eBay or gathers price information from retail sites like Amazon.

Other Features

If you’re looking for more advanced features, like custom file uploads or automated listing tools, you won’t find those here. To avail of those features, you need to search the directory for specific suppliers that offer them. That’s a bit disappointing, because lifetime membership costs $300, and you’d expect more features for that amount of money. To be fair, Worldwide Brands’ bread and butter is its extensive supplier directory, and they do deliver that in spades.


Just like any other business out there, expect upsells from Worldwide Brands. Years ago, people complained about the overly pushy upselling of the company. The good news: they seem to have listened and actually improved this aspect of their service in recent years. Currently, they only send two outside services: one only gets sent out a maximum of four times a month, while emails about Sell Niches Bundle are sent twice a year.

Customer Support

Chris Malta, Worldwide Brands’ CEO himself, will go out of his way to talk to you about any of your concerns. In addition, Worldwide Brands’ support staff is available 24/7 through email, and weekdays 9AM to 5PM EST on the phone.

You can also browse a member’s forum to interact with and learn from other Worldwide Brands members. Your membership dashboard also provides extensive FAQs, plus ebooks on dropshipping and even videos with wholesale selling tips.

WorldWide Brands Review – Conclusion

Boasting one of the largest wholesale and drop ship directories in the business, consisting of 100% guaranteed legitimate suppliers with millions of products on offer, Worldwide Brands is an online seller’s perfect partner. While the lifetime membership is a little steep, it’s a one-time payment with absolutely no recurring fees. In addition, you get access to training materials and the members-only forum, where you can learn from seasoned sellers and interact with their dedicated support team.

Plus, where else can you find a CEO that will take time out of his busy schedule in order to give you advice on how to be a successful online seller? Only at Worldwide Brands, an A+ Better Business Bureau member.

What's the Verdict on Worldwide Brands?

Worth It, Some Issues