Worldwide Brands Drop Shipping Stories

There and Back Again

Laura T. from Florida signed up for a Worldwide Brands account for her online store in 2006. There, she found a supplier that helped her fulfill customer orders flawlessly. For four whole years, she enjoyed being a successful online entrepreneur–her store filled with buyers day in and day out. But in 2010, she decided to try out other things, ultimately resulting to her decision to close down her store. Six years later, however, she heard about the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program and interest began to swell. Then, it dawned on her–she could actually take advantage of Amazon’s program because of her existing lifetime account on Worldwide Brands!

Seeing all of the updates on Worldwide Brands’ list of suppliers gave her the motivation to open up her own online store again, this time with the intent of taking advantage of FBA to make order fulfillment easier. The best part: she spared little expense to set up shop again as she had already gained back the initial cost for her Worldwide Brands account years ago. She has already found her very first supplier for her FBA account, and is gearing up for the road to success once more.

The Investment That Pays for Itself

The success of a drop shipping business relies largely on the quality and consistent supplier delivery. Enddy S. from Alabama can attest to that. He signed up for Worldwide Brands in 2005, and quickly found reliable drop shippers that, even up to now, are constantly able to fulfill expectations. He has been with his partner suppliers for more than 10 years now, and does not plan on changing partners any time soon. He also owes his success to Worldwide Brands’ resources, and enjoys the level of assistance being offered by their team. With trusted suppliers and helpful resource materials, the initial cost of signing up for a drop shipping membership pretty much pays for itself.

Almost Went the Other Way

A few years ago, Melissa A. from Florida was looking for ways–and assistance–to set up an eCommerce business. She needed more guidance about the whole process, so she sought the help of a middleman to get her through the process. Before pushing through with her arrangement with this middleman, however, she discovered Worldwide Brands. It was a good thing, too. There was no telling if she would have actually benefited from taking the former route, or how much money she would have spent first before things actually moved forward.

She was quite surprised by the quantity and quality of information that she would get from Worldwide Brands for a one-time fee. The directory list–a collection of top-notch suppliers that are proven to be reliable in the field of drop shipping–came as a surprise for her. She was blown away by the service on so many levels, and she still constantly consults with Worldwide Brands before making important business decisions.

Despite describing her venture as “being in the infancy stage,” Melissa is confident that she will grow and nurture it with the help of Worldwide Brands. Someday, she sees herself being able to kick back, relax, and watch from a distance as customers flock her store.

Knowledge is Power

Glenn F. from Canada is weary of offers and promises made over the Internet. He had an unpleasant experience before–expectations were not met and the expenses he shouldered were wasted–which is why he now does his research about a particular service rather meticulously. When he learned about Worldwide Brands, he wasn’t excited about the service initially, and spent several weeks researching the company to see if they actually deliver. Needless to say, he soon became interested and decided to give it a try–and found himself signing up for the lifetime membership.

In hindsight, Glenn would have probably given up searching for legitimate suppliers given his bad experience; that is, if he hadn’t come across Worldwide Brands. He was impressed with the materials offered by the company. From newsletters and a vast resource center, to numerous video tutorials and ebooks, he was able to get the information he needed to run a drop shipping business without second guessing his decisions. Moreover, the vast collection of certified suppliers in the wholesale directory boosted his confidence enough to pursue his business venture. Despite trying times, he does not worry for a bit about the future of his business.


And there you have it: four stories from different individuals that all ended up satisfied with Worldwide Brands’ service. Thanks to the collection of certified suppliers, high quality resources, and a team that gives ample guidance to users no matter how new to the business, they are truly deserving of the second spot in our search for the best drop shipping companies. If you want to know the exact details of Worldwide Brands’ offers, you may want to give our review a look.