Amazon’s Kindle products are mostly applauded for their vast and diverse library ecosystem. Its store offers the most titles available for an eBook store, with most modern publishing author making the softcopies of their work available through the Kindle store.

The drawbacks of Kindle eBook readers come from the lack of third-party software support of the devices – and the Kindle Oasis is no exception. While in-store purchases are convenient and plentiful, Kindle devices fail to support ePub files and Adobe DRM, the most commonly used eBook file types in the industry. Instead, Amazon uses its own native formats and requires users to convert third party file types to Mobi files to use, making it a tedious and sometimes clunky process.

Some might make the case of Kindles supporting PDF files, but eBook readers are notoriously bad at handling PDFs. There are even eBook readers that have no zooming option, treating that book you just bought as a picture you can’t zoom in on, leaving you to squint your eyes to try and make sense of the tiny, tiny text.

This isn’t much of a problem to Kindle users due to the industry benchmark that is their eBook store, but if you’re the adventurous type of reader who hunts for limited titles, it may be better to look at a different eReader. Otherwise, sit back, hope that it’s available in the store, and enjoy your books.