E-Book companies implement very little changes to their devices most of the time when it comes to software – and the same holds true for what you will find in the Kobo Aura Edition 2. But, as you will soon see, that’s a bit of a double-edged sword.


Amazon may have the largest eBook store in the industry, but the Kobo stpre frees the user from the rigidity of a locked-in ecosystem. Amazon almost always offers lower prices for titles in their Kindle store, but Kobo users aren’t limited to having to buy from the Kobo store. Because of Kobo’s support for files outside their own proprietary format, readers can even choose which publishers they want to buy from.

Which all leads to two major consequences. For one, the user can directly support any niche genres they like and keep their content alive. For another, users can find the greatest deals on books if they’re willing to go on a book hunt.

Kobo also has an abundance of coupons and discounts going around. Granted, these are mostly for non-agency books, but if you don’t mind waiting to purchase a book, you might just be able to save more than you’d expect. (Some discounts even dip to 80% off!)