Ever get sick of reading mainstream literature? Want access to esoteric books and specialized journals? Just want to share your books with your family without having them see everything that’s in your private library?

With the Aura H2O, you can do all these things and more. Flexible file support is Kobo’s bread and butter. Most eReaders come with an integrated eBook store, but some require you to only be able to get your favorite reads through the means they’ve provided.

But what if their ecosystem doesn’t have what you’re looking for

This is where Kobo comes in.

With a Kobo Aura H2O, or any of their other eBook readers, for that matter, you can choose to purchase books from the Kobo store, borrow books from your library, and share books with your friends through their unbeatable file support. File transfers are super easy to do with Kobo’s features. Their native support for reading services such as Pocket, for instance, gives you access to journal articles.