If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll love the Kobo Aura One. Bargain hunters, in particular, will find a lot of use out of a Kobo because of their support for the most commonly used file format by the publishing industry (.epub) and because you can transfer your files manually to your Kobo.

If you want to get books from the store, you can choose to wait a bit before buying a book until Kobo inevitably puts out a discount or you can borrow the book directly using their library feature. You also get integrated support for Pocket, an article reading service, which is great for simplifying file transfers without the aid of dubious third-party programs from the internet.

Unfortunately, Kobo’s store still doesn’t hold a candle to Kindle’s offering. It lacks many of the user-friendly features you can find in the Kindle store – like effective book recommendations, for one thing. On the whole, the Kobo book store is just okay – if you don’t mind a pretty barebones affair.