Price-wise, Amazon almost always offers cheaper books bought from their store compared to books bought from the Kobo store, but unlike its major competitor, Kobo’s support for the most widely used eBook formats allows readers to get their books from anywhere—even for free, if you know where to look!

If you don’t mind waiting after the hype of a title’s release dies down, you can also score great deals with the Kobo stores. Kobo often offers loads of coupons for their store, but this mostly carries over to non-agency books (read as: when your beloved author isn’t actively promoting the book with publishers through their agents anymore).

Kobo also offers separate file downloads for Adobe Digital Editions. The integrated support for Pocket (an article reading service) is particularly delightful as it extends Kobo’s reading functionality by simplifying file transfers. Just drag and drop your books and PDF files and you’re good to go, no third-party programs or hacks necessary.