Webmail and Admin Features

Rackspace offers their Webmail services with exclusive features that can really benefit your business. Private-label sites allow you to use your own domain — such as your-email-domain.com or your-sub-domain.emailsrvr.com — and you can even customize the interface by adding a company logo or changing header images and background colors. Webmail also allows you to easily view and share calendars with anyone on your domain and share company directory access. Instant messaging features, meanwhile, can be accessed directly from Webmail, allowing your organization to easily stay in touch wherever everyone is. For improving productivity, Rackspace also provides notes and tasks. And if you have a mobile device, as well as extra $1 per user to spare, you can even get push email, calendar and contact syncing features. Finally, you can access your email from anywhere with the advantage of cloud hosting over desktop hosting and do practically everything you are used to doing with Outlook but with the convenience of doing it on the web.

Pricing and Features

Rackspace has one of the lowest price per mailbox in the industry, at an affordable $2 per mailbox per month, with additional discounts given to those who would purchase for 200+ users. While it is very affordable, Rackspace still provides excellent business-class email that even works with Outlook, is compatible for smartphones and also their Webmail app. Aside from the great features already mentioned earlier, there are others that make Rackspace one of the best email hosting sites around.

For starters, a subscription with Rackspace gives you an email address with a “[email protected] doimain” per mailbox and 25GB of mail storage secured with the best anti-spam and anti-virus protection and SSL encryption. You can even set custom filtering rules to deliver only the messages you deem important to your business and set up as many email address as you want and direct them to your main email address for easy consolidation. If you have two domains to manage, you can also set up Rackspace to receive emails for both domains in one inbox. You can also sync your active directory with your mailboxes for easy login and management.

All in all, Rackspace offers a pretty robust email hosting service. Of course, it isn’t perfect as evidenced by a few gripes — such as the fact that you have to pay extra for features that are included in other companies’ subscription plans. It is also not friendly to sole proprietors as it requires a minimum of 5 mailboxes.

Customer Support

Customer support is something that Rackspace takes seriously which is why they offer one of the best options among the top companies. You can check out the extensive knowledgebase on their website for self-help options or talk to other users in their online forum. You can also get in touch with support representatives 24 hours a day for the entire year through their toll-free hotline number, live chat feature on their website and email support.

What's the Verdict on Rackspace Review?

Worth It, Some Issues

Rackspace Review – Conclusion

If you want to make a better impression on your clients with a business email then having it hosted on Rackspace is definitely a good decision. They provide businesses with a very affordable yet feature packed email hosting service and world-class customer support. They may not offer unlimited mail storage but for an additional $3 a month, you can get email archiving to help with storing your email messages. Rackspace provides one of the more robust services backed by a 100% uptime guarantee so you never miss an important email message again. They even offer a 14 day free trial, so if you are looking for an good email host for your business then go ahead and check it out today.