Betway is no stranger to the industry, having started as a sportsbook over a decade ago. It’s properly licensed and regulated, and takes the promotion of responsible gaming very seriously–even going as far as giving you the option to basically let the company ban you from all of its services if you feel like your spending is out of control.

From traditional sports betting, the service branched out and started offering a more comprehensive online gambling experience. The company has become akin to a virtual casino; as it has simulated roulette and slot machines, and even card games like baccarat, blackjack and poker. For some of these games, there’s even a live component: a living and breathing dealer that you can interact with in real time. On top of that, Betway’s sportsbook has expanded to include special and sometimes bizarre categories–such as TV series, awards shows, politics and even current events–as well as eSports.