How it Works

Designhill, as a crowdsourcing website, doesn’t offer their own talent, but, instead, gathers freelance designers from all over to work on client projects. This isn’t your usual freelance website, though; because unlike Freelancer or UpWork, the main way of going about projects here is by holding design contests.

Design contests work exactly as it sounds: numerous designers enter a contest and create designs according to each clients’ specific project brief. Clients then choose the winning entry, or the design that best fits what they are looking for, and winners get awarded the cash prize. Clients, in turn, get quality design for an affordable price.

Launching a contest, meanwhile, is a breeze. After signing up, you simply complete your contest brief, choose from one of their packages, and you’re done! Once designers enter your contest, you can browse their works, give feedback and get unlimited revisions. Then, you simply choose which design speaks to you the most and award the winner. If, for whatever reason, you find that not a single entry is up to your standards, then you can get your investment back in full thanks to Designhill’s 100% money back guarantee.