Earn More with iFreelance

As we have said, iFreelance does not charge any commission fees but only a monthly membership fee. If this gives you a negative vibe to iFreelance then take this into consideration, the average freelancer website will charge a 5-10% commission rate so for every $100 you make, they get $5-10. If you are making $500/month (which is low for a freelancer), then you would be paying $25-50 in commissions meaning you only take tome as much as $475.

With iFreelance, earning $500/month less their membership fee of $12 (take not that this is the most expensive membership option)., you take home $488. That $13 difference every month goes a long way, in a year you save $156 earning $500 with iFreelance compared to other sites.

What's the Verdict on iFreelance?

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iFreelance Review 2020 – Conclusion

Though iFreelance does not offer free membership, it is still a good step to take for freelancers. Their basic membership costs only $6.25/month (or less with a longer billing period) so it is very affordable. iFreelance gives you a chance to maximize your earning potential as even the basic membership gives you unlimited bids unlike other sites where you have to pay to get more bids. And if you are working on multiple jobs already, you would be earning more with iFreelance as they do not charge any commission fee, just the membership fee which again is very affordable. If you are a new freelancer or an experienced one, we recommend subscribing for an iFreelance membership. As a freelancer it is best to use multiple avenues to find jobs to do and iFreelance will get you those jobs.