ProtectMyID Pricing and Features

As mentioned, there are 2 subscription plans that Identity Fraud offers for those looking for identity theft protection, the Gold Membership and Platinum Membership. Each one comes in either a monthly subscription (minimum 3 months) or an annual subscription (20% off the total cost). There are certain differences in features so here is a short comparison so you can see the difference and decide which one you would want to go with.

Gold: $9.95 a month ($99.95 for annual billing) and comes with all the basic protection services such as Risk Score Monitoring, SSN Monitoring, Credit Card Monitoring, Data Sweep Monitoring, Key Stroke Encryption and Lost Wallet Service. This is great for those that want an inexpensive way to get a certain level of protection but not those that are looking to get extensive coverage.

Platinum: $15.95 a month ($159.95 for annual billing) and has everything offered on the Gold Membership along with Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring, Credit Report and Credit Score that gives you access to your own free credit reports every 12 months from each of the three credit bureaus. This provides a more comprehensive coverage at a minimal additional cost.

Customer Support

Any concerns, questions or complaints regarding the products and services of Identity Fraud can be conveyed through phone and email. General Customer Service is only from 8am to 5pm PST on weekdays while Victim Assistance is available 24/7. Email is available 24/7 but replies can take a day or more to get a reply. Compared to other companies, the customer support of Identity Fraud is rather basic and limited.

$1 Million Insurance

Identity Fraud offers a $1 Million Identity Insurance Protection to each active member to cover certain expenses that are incurred due to identity fraud. This insurance is underwritten by A-rated insurers to provide unique and important coverage for expenses including funds stolen by unauthorized electronic funds transfer from your accounts. Legal fees, lost wages (up to $1500 a week for five weeks), investigation expenses and other miscellaneous expenses are also covered by this insurance.

Once you sign up, you are immediately covered by the Identity Insurance Protection but you are not automatically eligible for a full $1 Million as it is subject to specific terms, conditions and exclusions. One example of this is that New York Citizens are only allowed a coverage limit of $25,000. You can check out the Identity Fraud website for the complete terms and conditions of this insurance coverage.

What's the Verdict on Identity Fraud?

Worth It, Some Issues

Identity Fraud Review 2020 – Conclusion

Identity Fraud offers an affordable subscription costing only $99.95 a year (about $8 a month) which also provides a good basic identity theft protection. They also offer a higher subscription with more coverage, still at a very affordable price. They may not offer a free trial but the low price point and being able to cancel at any time both go a long way for you to be able to test out their service without having to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. So go ahead and check out the identity theft protection that you can get with Identity Fraud.