ProtectMyID Pricing and Features

As mentioned earlier, ProtectMyID comes at the very affordable price of $15.95 a month and $159.95 for an annual subscription. This very low amount provides you with Daily Detection features so you can feel at ease every day knowing all your information and accounts are being monitored for suspicious activity daily.

They provide basic features in identity theft protection such as credit monitoring, change of address monitoring, transaction monitoring and lost wallet protection but do not have some of the more advanced features found with the top companies.

3 Step Service

ProtectMyID gives you a 3 step service in protecting your identity from fraudsters. Through detection, protection and resolution, this company uses a well-rounded approach in order to protect you.

Detection: Surveillance Alert Notifications will send you alerts through email or SMS of any suspicious new activity. They check the activity of your credit card every day and are looking out for any of the 50 leading indicators of identity theft. They continually monitor a wide number of sources online where compromised cards and other personal data are found, being traded or are sold, which helps in reducing exposure to said sources. They also monitor changes in address daily to help prevent fraudsters from receiving your personal mail.

Protection: ProtectMyID offers a Lost Wallet Protection service where you can call their resolution agents to help you cancel and replace all your lost cards and guide you to help you regain control of your identity. They offer world-class security and technology standards that enable them to continuously monitor for identity theft. They even have ChildSecure which offers protection for your children as well who are 51 times more likely to become a victim themselves.

Resolution: Resolving any fraud or identity theft related concerns are easy with a $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance with $0 deductible upon your enrolment. This means, should you fall victim to identity theft, you may be covered for certain costs such as lost wages, legal fees and other fees.

Customer Support

ProtectMyID offers an FAQ section with many of the basic concerns that users may have with their services. This can range from anything from concerns about identity theft, credit reports, the company’s services and general questions. They also offer Email support along with regular mail and a data-breach hotline number so you can get in touch with their fraud experts.

What's the Verdict on ProtectMyID?

A Must Have

ProtectMyID Review 2020 – Conclusion

ProtectMyID offers a very basic service at an affordable price. It may not be the most complete service available but if you just want a certain level of financial peace of mind, then it is probably one of the better identity theft protection companies you can go with. They offer a good level of identity protection for you and your family and even have a 14 day money back guarantee so you can get a refund if you are not completely satisfied with their services.  So go ahead and check out ProtectMyID today!