TrustedID Pricing and Features

As mentioned above, there are 2 coverage plans being offered by TrustedID, the Individual and the Family plan. Obviously if you are married and have kids, the better option would have to be the family plan while bachelors and bachelorettes would be better suited with the Individual. But, to give you a more in depth look at what to expect for each, here is a quick look at the pricing and features you can expect with both plans from TrustedID so you can compare it to the coverage you already have or other companies you are thinking of using.

Cost: The Individual plan costs $16.99 a month after the 14 day free trial but only $170 a year for an annual subscription ($14.17). The Family plan costs a little more with $29.99 a month after the first 14 days and is also offered at a lower price for annual plans at $300 a year ($25 a month).

Features: Coverage as mentioned earlier are limited to the primary user and one other adult for full coverage as children and other members receive limited services. Full coverage consists of a 3-Bureau Credit Report, 3-Bureau Credit Score, 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring, Credit Card Number Scanning, Social Security Number Scanning, Name & Address Scanning, Bank Account Number Scanning, Lost Wallet Protection, Fraud Alerts, Medical Benefits Review, Junk Mail Reduction and even Facebook Privacy Monitor.

After the first 72 hours upon registration you already get welcome and confirmation emails from the company, access to the credit features, monitoring of other information, and you will even receive a link to access your protection pack so you can place additional safeguards. After 30 days you will receive the confirmation letters from the 3 major bureaus, see reduction on your junk mail and get your monthly account summary.

Customer Support

Getting through to customer support is easy with TrustedID as they offer different ways for customers to use. They have live chat, email and toll-free customer support lines as well as an FAQ section for those that want to self-help and not wait for a representative to assist them.

Medical Information Protection

One of the growing risks to people is not just identity theft wherein your financial credentials are targeted, but also medical information fraud. Fraudsters can steal your medical information such as insurance or health cards so that they can use it for themselves or sell it cheap on the black market.

Your methods of protecting your financial information may not be enough to keep your medical information safe which is why you need the services of a company like TrustedID.

They offer a Medical Benefits review on their single and family plans to help prevent medical fraud. They will access and give you reports on your medical benefit statements so you can check whether or not only you and your family are the ones being treated with them. If there are anomalies on the statements, or procedures that you or your family members did not get treated with then TrustedID can help you sort things out and, if ever, help clear your medical information of any threats to avoid future incidents.

What's the Verdict on TrustedID?

Worth It, Some Issues

TrustedID Review 2020 – Conclusion

TrustedID offers a great product for both individuals and families as they provide exceptional coverage to help protect your personal and financial information. Though they may not have some features other competitors offer, their basic service is enough to protect you from common fraud cases. They even have a 14 day free trial so you can check out their services virtually risk free. So go ahead and get protected by TrustedID today.