Fraud Protection

There have been many incidents of job seekers falling victim to fraudulent job listings so it is an absolute godsend that Careerbuilder has Trust and Site Security (TSST), a team of specialists, by its side. TSST research, track, and monitor all user activities in order to combat fraudulent job postings or scams. Additionally, you can learn more about scams through the Common Question about Scam section, which tackles topics such as fraud terms, work at home scams, cash checking scams, shipping scams, airfare scams, and phishing scams.

Ease of Use

Searching for jobs using Careerbuilder is pretty easy, all thanks to the advanced search options that the website provides its users. First off, you can start searching by choosing one of the broader categories like State, Job Title, Category, and Companies. You can further narrow down your search with the Advanced Search option. Here you will find new search options like Keywords, Locations, Industries, Job Categories, Degree, Employment Type, and Salary Range. You also have the option to use any or all of the keywords you provided, include jobs within a certain range of your preferred locations, include jobs posted within a certain time frame, exclude keywords, exclude job title, exclude company, exclude national and regional jobs, exclude non-traditional jobs, and exclude jobs without salary posted.

Additionally, you can also browse through company profiles in order to learn more about a certain company and whatever active jobs it currently has. There are over 18,486 companies listed here and it would have been a chore to browse through the list had it not been for the fact that you can further narrow down the list by choosing to only show company profiles with benefits information, photo gallery, social media links, veteran hiring initiatives, or video. You can also choose to display profiles by location, industry, company types, and company size. Finally, you can also set up job alerts in order to get automatic notifications via email regarding new jobs that meet your preferred criteria. This is especially useful for getting wind of jobs that you might have otherwise overlooked.


  • Job Recommendations – Careerbuilder’s unique patent-pending job matching technology finds jobs for you that match keywords found in your resume, as well as the jobs you view and the jobs you apply for. The more you use the website, the better your job matches become. This makes searching for jobs much, much easier due to the fact the recommendation learns from you and does the heavy lifting.
  • Salary Calculator – With Careerbuilder’s salary calculator, you can find annual salaries, compare average salary information locally, and find out just how much you can make.
  • HireInsider – Using this free tool, you can get a glimpse of your competition for jobs and see just how you stack up against the other candidates. This tool will show you how many people applied for the job, their education levels, salary information, years of experience, cover letter usage, and so much more.

Costumer Support

Should you encounter any problems with their service, you can contact Careerbuilder’s customer support via email only. For those who are hoping for live chat or phone support, you are out of luck. That said, you can also browse through their extensive knowledge base or watch video tutorials, which should answer just about any questions you may have.

What's the Verdict on Careerbuilder?

A Must Try

Careerbuilder Review 2020 – Conclusion

With an easy to use search function, intuitive job recommendation engine, personalized career tests, and numerous tools that help you gain an advantage over the competition, Careerbuilder is definitely one of the few job search sites that is two steps ahead of the pack. Their website might be riddled with ads but it is almost negligible when considering all the incredibly useful offerings on tap here. If you are looking for a reliable job search site that not only helps you to easily find the right job but also help propel your career to new heights, then you should definitely visit Careerbuilder right now!