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CollegeRecruiter has a great offering that many recent grads and students alike will find very useful: a resume critique service. With this service, you can have your resume confidentially reviewed by one of the company’s resume writing experts. Within three business days, they will send you an email that contains written, specific suggested changes that are designed to make your resume as effective as possible. What’s more, this service comes at no extra cost. You read that right. CollegeRecruiter’s resumer critique service is absolutely free!

Ease of Use

Using CollegeRecruiter’s website is pretty easy and straightforward. Upon landing on the company’s front page, the large, prominent search bar immediately greets you. Apart from some essential links here and there, this search bar is the only thing that you will see on the front page. No fuss, no fanfare. You can immediately type on your query here, whether it is a certain job title or keyword. In addition, you can also include a city, state, or province in the search query to further narrow down the results. Next, you are redirected to a job overview page upon clicking on a job listing. Here you can see the full job description, the date the ad was posted, the employer’s name, if it is a full time or part time job, and a map detailing the location of the company / employer. There is also an apply button located here that will take you to the company or employer’s website where you can apply for the job. While using this job search is pretty easy, it might not hold true for long due to the fact that this website does not offer any basic sorting or advanced search options. There is no way to choose how search results are displayed, which keywords to look out for in an ad, where in the ad to look for said keywords, which words to ignore, which locations and how far, or what job categories to include. The lack of such options is disappointing since this job search site performs admirably in other areas. Had they included advanced search or even basic sorting options, their offering would have been truly unbeatable.


CollegeRecruiter gives you the ability to set up job alerts for your searches so you can be immediately notified whenever new ads for the job titles you are tracking are posted. This feature ensures that you will never miss out on new career opportunities as they pop up, even if you were currently preoccupied during the time they were posted. For those who are looking to get helpful insight or advice that could help further their career opportunities, this job search site also offers some pretty useful career resources aimed at recent grads and students looking to further their career opportunities. They have insightful articles, helpful advice, and videos. You can also read up on the companies that are deemed employee-friendly with their Best Places to Work Surveys, which is a great way for job seekers to look for potential employers.

Customer Support

Should you encounter any problems regarding their service, CollegeRecruiter’s customer support can be reached via an online contact form. They also have a phone number and a mailing address available but the company advises its users that they will most likely get the fastest response using the contact form. Before submitting an inquiry, however, it is recommended to browse the website’s informative FAQ section to see if your question has already been tackled there.

What's the Verdict on CollegeRecruiter?

A Must Try

CollegeRecruiter Review 2020 – Conclusion

CollegeRecruiter is a great job search site aimed at recent grads and students alike. They offer thousands upon thousands of entry level and internship job listings from hundreds of Fortune 1,000 companies and federal government agencies, incredibly useful career resources that can help you futher your career opportunities, as well as a free resume critique service that can help you make the most effective resume possible. While this job search site lacks in certain areas, there is no doubt that this is one of the best places to go if you are a recent grad or student looking for a job that can start you on your career. Check out CollegeRecruiter now!