Companies That Utilize LinkUp

LinkUp is a go-to recruiting solution for hundreds of blue-chip employers around the globe, so you can rest assured that the job listings you can find here are of top quality. Their clients include companies such as Amazon, AIG, Citigroup, Dell, Petco, Thomson Reuters, UPS, and many, many more. If you want to further your career, this is one of the best job search sites to start your search.

Ease of Use

Upon arriving on LinkUp’s website, you are greeted by a pretty barebones page with only the company name / logo, the job search bar, and navigational links present, which is a testament to the website’s dedication to its core function. You can immediately take advantage of the search bar and type in a job title, company, keywords, city, state, or zip code in order to start looking for potential career opportunities. Alternatively, you can also use the advance search option if you want more control over how your searches are carried out. This means that you can choose to search for specific keywords or even exact phrases in the job title or in the job description, as well as specify which words to exclude in the search parameters.

You can also specify a company, the location, when the listings were posted, or even specific job categories. Moreover, you can sort results by the most recent or the best match, as well as choose how many job listings to display per page. As far as browsing the job listings go, LinkUp does a pretty good job of delivering the information that you are looking for in a simple, uncluttered fashion. Upon clicking on a listing you will be immediately redirected to the company’s website in order to view the job description and apply. That said, it should be noted that because you are being constantly redirected towards employers’ websites, LinkUp does not use a streamlined one-click application process like what other websites are already doing. This is a minor complaint especially since method ensures less duplicate posts, expired job listings, or scams.


LinkUp has several useful features that job seekers can take advantage of that will surely make anyone’s job search experience a lot easier. This website lets you set up email alerts, subscribe to a job search RSS feed, save jobs for future reference, and browse through a search history so you can easily find a job that you might have come across but forgot to save. They also offer a free mobile app so you can hunt for your next job while on the go. While the app is available for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) only, devices that run on other ope systems can still browse LinkUp’s website on their mobile browsers due to the fact that the site is optimized for mobile.

Customer Support

Should you require any assistance, LinkUp can be contacted via email, phone, and various social networking sites. They also have an address for their corporate offices available. In addition, they also have a fairly helpful FAQ section that should provide answers to some technical questions.

What's the Verdict on LinkUp?

Worth It, Some Issues

LinkUp Review 2020 – Conclusion

LinkUp is one of the best there is when it comes to job sites. They offer an incredibly easy to use website, frequently updated, not to mention certified legitimate, job listings that are pulled directly from the employer’s website, and a very handy mobile app. While this website does not offer much in the way of robust career resources, you do get a focused, uncluttered experience that will surely make it a lot easier for you to find the job you are looking for. If you still haven’t decided whether to use this job search site in your hunt, do yourself a favor and visit LinkUp’s website right now!