Job Tips

Snagajob is more than just a simple search site for hourly jobs, it also has a section called Job Tips where job seekers can find numerous articles that give out tips on certain areas like Searching, Applying, Interviewing, and Working, among others. You can also watch various videos that cover topics such as How to Deal with the 5 Most Challenging Customers, How to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search, How to Write a Cover Letter, and many more.

Snagajob Ease of Use

Having an incredibly large, frequently updated database of hourly jobs would be a pain to browse if not for the fact that Snagajob’s search options make hunting for a job an absolute breeze. They have thousands upon thousands of listings that you can easily narrow down to find the exact information you are looking for. You can search by location, which presents you with options to find jobs by state, by city, or by zip code. Alternatively, you can even search for jobs that are in close proximity to colleges or universities, which should be of great help to countless students. Snagajob also lets you narrow down results by category, which allows you to search for listings that fall under 1st shift jobs, 2nd shift jobs, 3rd shift jobs, bilingual jobs, entry-level jobs, full time jobs, hourly jobs, no experience jobs, part time jobs, seasonal jobs, summer jobs, teen jobs, and veterans jobs. If you want to, the site also lets you search by industry, which includes Accounting and Finance, Automotive, Customer Service, Hotel and Hospitality Jobs, Restaurant Jobs, and Telecommunication Jobs, among many others. Finally, you can also search by position, or by company. With all of these advanced search options at your fingertips, you won’t ever have to worry about being overwhelmed or lost when diving into Snagajob’s deep pool of hourly job listings.

Snagajob Features

Save Jobs

In case you come across a job that interests you but you still want to have a look around, Snagajob allows you to save jobs so you can easily and quickly get back to them at a later date. All you need to do is to click on the “Save Job” link that is present in each and every job listing. This feature especially comes in handy when you want to “collect” several potential jobs so you can compare all of them quite easily and see which ones actually stand out or fit you.


Alternatively, if you want a hard copy of the job listing you can opt to print it straight from the page itself. Just click on the “Print” link and you are good to go.

Send to Friend

If you are helping out a friend or simply stumble upon a job that might not be for you but looks like it could benefit a buddy, then Snagajob can help you help him/her out. All you need to do is click on the “Send to Friend” link that can be found in each and every job listing in order to send the ad to your buddy’s email address.

Email Alerts

Snagajob also lets its users set up job alerts in order to be automatically notified via email whenever new job opportunities spring up. The great thing about this is that Snagajob matches the job alerts to fit your searches and profile so the information that arrives in your email is tailored towards your preferences. Additionally, recruiters can also send out email notices about job opportunities in your area.

Snagajob Customer Support

Should you encounter any problems or have any inquiries, Snagajob’s customer support can be reached via an online contact form. They also have a pretty comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to questions that cover topics like finding and applying for jobs, editing a profile, and many more.

What's the Verdict on Snagajob?

Worth It, Some Issues

Snagajob Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a part-time or full-time hourly job, there is no better place than Snagajob. The website has one of the largest hourly employment network, with frequently updated job postings that will ensure that there is a constant stream of new opportunities every time you log in. Searching for jobs is also quite easy, thanks to the site’s advanced search options and automated job alerts. In addition to the core function of their website, the Job Tips section is also a great way educate yourself at no extra cost. While the website has a few negatives like advertisements and a tedious application process, the positives definitely outweigh them, so if you are currently looking for a part-time or full-time hourly job, Snagajob is definitely your best bet.