Not Just a Mobile Website Builder

Qfuse is not your average mobile website builder because not only does it let you create mobile sites, it also allows you to create an effective mobile marketing campaign with the use of QR codes and NFC tags. You can generate 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of dynamic QR codes that you can then put on flyers, posters, invites, business cards, and more. When people scan your codes with their mobile phones, they can then be redirected to your mobile site or landing page for whatever promo you may be currently offering, for example. You can also link content to any physical item (like pens, keys, bags, etc.) using NFC tags. Your customers only need to have their phones touch the item and it will automatically load up your interactive content on their devices. More than that, Qfuse gives you advanced analytics tools so you can track QR code scans by geographic location, device type, date, time, and more, so you can be armed with the proper knowledge to further improve your mobile marketing campaign and increase your site traffic.