Best Modafinil & Armodafinil Brands 2021

If you are feeling groggy all the time, with little to no focus on whatever task you are doing, this could result to minimal or even catastrophic errors. In cases like this, you may benefit from the use of nootropic drugs, like Modafinil. This nootropic agent was originally aimed towards individuals with narcolepsy and certain sleeping disorders, but has since gained popularity among the crowd as a cognition enhancer, as it promotes a quiet state of alertness among users.

Choosing a Modafinil brand is not exactly a walk in the park. This is because there are many options that you can find online with little information on their product’s effectiveness and reliability. Well, you can skip doing the research and just check out our reviews to help you make the critical decision on which brand to stick to. Have a look at the top Modafinil brands below, now:

Modvigil1st9.6 out of 10Varies

Modvigil Review

An affordable price for a tried and tested mental booster in terms of concentration and wakefulness, without much side and unwanted effects.Full Modvigil Review »
Artvigil2nd9.5 out of 10Varies

Artvigil Review

A good Armodafinil pill to go with that is very budget friendly and has been shown to be effective in users.Full Artvigil Review »
Waklert3rd9.5 out of 10Varies

Waklert Review

One of the best and most popular nootropic drugs that offers various positive effects, affordable cost and mild side effects.Full Waklert Review »
Modalert4th9.4 out of 10Varies

Modalert Review

Keeping you awake, alert and focused without any jitters, Modalert can help your productivity levels soar.Full Modalert Review »


5th8.6 out of 10Varies

SunModalert Review

SunModalert sells Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil at distributor prices, but only offers a few payment options and limited order tracking.Full SunModalert Review »


6th8.4 out of 10Varies

Biryth Review

An Armodafinil tablet that offers various benefits and an affordable price range among various sellers.Full Biryth Review »


7th9 out of 10Varies

Nuvigil Review

One of the more trusted Armodafinil tablets out in the market and is proven to be effective for various users while others have side-effects.Full Nuvigil Review »


8th7 out of 10Varies

Modasomil Review

Modasomil is a popular brain enhancer with off-label benefits as well as a once-a-day, well-tolerated, effective alternative for sleep disorders.Full Modasomil Review »


9th9.5 out of 10Varies

LeoPharmaRx Review

LeoPharmaRx carries a good selection of modafinil and armodafinil products, accepts a variety of payment methods, and offers simple, easy checkouts.Full LeoPharmaRx Review »

Modafinil Bank

10th8 out of 10Varies

Modafinil Bank Review

Modafinil Bank is your best option in the EU, with a good selection of products and fast delivery. However, payments are exclusively through Bitcoin.Full Modafinil Bank Review »


11th7 out of 10Varies

SaveRxCanada Review

SaveRxCanada sells modafinil and armodafinil at sky high prices, requires valid prescriptions for orders, and charges shipping and cancellation fees.Full SaveRxCanada Review »


12th7 out of 10Varies

Provigil Review

Find out why Provogil is called viagra for the brain and why completely healthy individuals take it to boost energy and enhance focus.Full Provigil Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Important Features of Modafinil & Armodafinil Brands That We Looked At:

While the main purpose of taking modafinils is to boost your focus and concentration, there are several factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for the brand that will help you achieve that heightened mental state. We looked into the different brands and identified 5 main important factors when deciding which one to stick to. These are intensity, dosage variety, availability, effect longevity, and pricing. Let's take a closer a look at each one of them, shall we?


First and foremost, since all modafinils will give you a concentration boost, you should consider the level of its effect to your mind. While most modafinil brands will give you a heightened state of alertness, there are some which can reportedly feel like a caffeine boost. In other words, these can cause you to become jittery. It is more favorable to pick the brands that offer a calm, balanced effect, so you can work on your task without spending too much energy due to hyperactiveness, and you won't feel drained and fatigued at the end of the day.

Dosage Variety

The level of a modafinil's effect on an individual depends on its dosage, and the dosage required to achieve a favorable effect is different from person to person. The more dosages that a brand offers, the more likely are you able to find the one that gives you just the right amount of focus. While the usual dosage offered is at 200 mg, you can find lower or higher ones if this is not enough to meet your expected effects. The highest dose you can get is at 400 mg, and while some users reported being awake for a full 24 hours with a single pill, some consider this as their usual intake to achieve a regular concentration boost.

Effect Longevity

Another thing that you need to consider when looking for a modafinil brand is the length of its effect. Naturally, a higher dosage will yield a longer effect, which is perfect if you need to pull an all-nighter. Say, when studying for an exam, or if you are working on a project with a next day deadline. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a boost for a couple of hours, you may want to take a modafinil brand with a shorter half-life, or a lower dosage.


Due to certain restrictions, there are some online stores that deliver modafinil only to selected countries. Good thing is, you can also find other shops that seem to have done the paperwork and are able to ship orders internationally to any destination. Also, do keep in mind that the sources of these brands come from different countries, so you may find a specific brand that is available only in that location. It is highly suggested to find a credible and legitimate online store in shopping for your modafinil fix so you can avoid fake drugs which can pose a great danger to your health.


Last but not the least, modafinil prices vary depending on the manufacturer. More popular brands tend to have a heavier price than their less known counterparts. You can save several dollars if you order a larger quantity, though, and some shops actually offer discount coupons for purchases made within their store. Try to look out for these promos when shopping online so you can make the most out of your hard-earned money, or, if you plan on taking the drug for more than once, you may want to check their bulk-buying options.

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