Best Online Jewelry Stores of 2019

Buying jewelry online may sound like a risky venture, especially when it comes to diamonds, which are highly valued and more often than not, comes at a heavy price. But did you know that you can get them for a lesser price this way, since online diamond stores do not have the additional expenses of running a brick and mortar store. Factor in the convenience and other perks that they offer, and they might just be a more favorable source for your diamonds.

We researched and compiled the best online jewelry stores available to date, to give you more insights on their products and policies before you make a final purchase. Check them out below!

James Allen1st9.8 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysLifetime

James Allen Review

A superb online diamond retailer that provides high quality images of its products, lifetime warranty, great shipping and returns, and more.Full James Allen Review »
Leibish2nd9.5 out of 10VariesInternational30 days2 years

Leibish Review

Leibish is one of the best choices to buy diamonds online with their wide selection, various colors and good prices.Full Leibish Review »
Diamond Delight3rd9.4 out of 10VariesUS and Canada30 daysLifetime

Diamond Delight Review

Diamond Delight has fewer options and limited shipping areas covered, but the shopping experience is a simple and hassle-free deal.Full Diamond Delight Review »

Blue Nile

4th9.3 out of 10VariesDomestic and International30 daysLifetime

Blue Nile Review

A top online diamond store that offers a wide variety of Blue Nile with the option to customize your own jewelry to get the perfect item.Full Blue Nile Review »


5th9.2 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysLifetime

Ritani Review

A trusted online diamond store that has partnered with many physical stores all around to bring the best of both shopping worlds to their customers.Full Ritani Review »


6th8.9 out of 10VariesSelect Countries30 days1 year

Ice Review

A company that offers a wide selection of diamonds with affordable pricing through the help of their price match guarantee and clearance items.Full Ice Review »

Brilliant Earth

7th8.9 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysLifetime

Brilliant Earth Review

A quality online diamond store that offers a wide selection of jewelry and even take extra steps to ensure they are an Earth friendly business.Full Brilliant Earth Review »


8th8.8 out of 10VariesInternational60 daysLifetime

Zales Review

Find the right diamond for the right occasion with Zales and enjoy a wide selection and free shipping or returns on all your purchases.Full Zales Review »


9th8.5 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysOne year

Allurez Review

Allurez stand good on its own as an online diamond store, although they still have areas of improvement like extending their product warranties.Full Allurez Review »


10th9.5 out of 10VariesInternational30 days1 year

WhiteFlash Review

Shop for ideal diamonds and designer engagement rings online with Whiteflash. Hundreds of precision cut diamonds are in-stock with HD video and light performance images.Full WhiteFlash Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Best Online Jewelry Selection


Everything boils down to one question - what are you looking for?  Engagement ring? Sweet 16 charm bracelet? Graduation gift? A special treat for yourself since you snagged your raise and promotion?  


Not all the websites we reviewed have the same jewelry selection. It’s best to determine what you want in advance - it will make your search and purchase go much smoother.  


Here’s a handy checklist to help you narrow down your choices!  This is not a complete list of all jewelry options. Omitted are types of gemstones (diamonds, conflict-free diamonds, pearls, sapphire, opal, etc.) and metals (platinum, gold, silver, titanium, vermeil, stainless, etc.). The list is endless!  Feel free to share it with friends, family and loved ones!


Type of Jewelry:


  • Ring
  • Engagement  
  • Wedding Band
  • Promise
  • Eternity
  • Signet
  • Birthstone
  • Cocktail
  • Antique
  • Contemporary


  • Ring Styles

  • Bezel - gemstone surrounded by thin, flat piece of metal
  • Flush or gypsy - gem sunk into holes, flush with metal surface
  • Channel- 2 tracks of metal that hold a row of gems side-by-side
  • Pavé- central gem encircled by smaller gems set close together
  • Solitaire or prong - metal prongs hold gem in place
  • Tiffany-style - named for famed Tiffany & Co. design which is a six-prong setting holding a solitaire gem
  • Bar - metal bars separate each stone
  • Bead and Bright - stones are set even with the surface of the metal by raising metal beads to secure stones in place
  • Tension or Tension-style - the tension of the metal band secures the gemstone in place with an appearance of being suspended
  • Halo - center gemstone is surrounded by smaller pavé stones
  • Cluster - gemstones are clustered tightly together to resemble one big gemstone or smaller stones cluster around a larger gemstone  
  • Cathedral - metal “arches” hold the gemstones


  • Necklaces

    • Collar - 12 to 13 inches worn close to collar bone
    • Choker - 14 to 16 inches worn close to the neck
    • Princess - between 17 to 19 inches
    • Matinee - between 20 to 22 inches (plunging necklines)
    • Opera - length between 26 to 36 inches
    • Bib - larger piece that covers you up like a “bib”
    • Thread - multiple knotted threads paired with stones
    • Locket - small compartment pendant that holds memento
    • Lariat - rope or y-necklace with no clasp


  • Earrings

    • Hoops - circular design
    • Tassels - dangling cords or threads, usually very colorful
    • Chandeliers - formed like a chandelier, usually blingy
    • Studs - usually a gemstone mounted on a post and passed through a piercing
    • Drop - gemstone that dangles from chain
    • Ear Cuffs - attaches to the ear cartilage


  • Bracelets

    • Bangles - rigid rings that are usually metal and worn in multiples
    • Tennis - narrow chain with small gems linked together
    • Charm - metal bracelet hung with trinket or ornament
    • Cuff - wide statement pieces
    • Chain or link - links joined together


  • Watches

    • Mechanical - must be wound and has ticking sound
    • Automatic or Self-winding -continues to operate due to motion of wearer’s wrist
    • Quartz - powered by quartz crystal
    • Analog - time is shown by miniature clock face with 12 hours, an hour hand and a minute hand
    • Digital - time is indicated by digits versus by hands on a dial
    • Diving - water-resistant up to 100-300 meters (330 to 980 feet)
    • Smart - has touchscreen, support apps and can often record heart rates and other vital signs
    • Luxury - for the watch collector that recognizes excellence in workmanship and has money in the bank to buy it

Ring sizing

I had to include a mention about ring sizing. The obvious question is how do you know what size you need if you buy a ring online?  Relax. Some of the websites we reviewed have a ring size section (measure by string or use an existing ring) and one will even send a free ring sizer in the mail!  

If you are not comfortable with the DIY method, get yourself to a reputable jeweler and have them measure your ring fingers!

Reputation and Certification

You can buy anything online today - from cars and mattresses to cat litter and toilet paper.  And buying jewelry on the internet falls somewhere in between. This e-commerce industry is expanding globally with luxury jewelry sales expected to be in the billions of dollars.

That said, the consumer needs to do their research on finding a reputable online jewelry store.  As you search online, pay attention to return policies (unconditional returns are a plus), customer service options, shipping (trackable methods like Fedex), fully-insured delivery, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) reports, and certified GIA appraisers.

Pay close attention to customer reviews.  Check out these sources - forums, Yelp, iVouch, consumer affairs and Better Business Bureaus. If the online jewelry store has a social media presence, click on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram links to read what their customers have to say.

Services Offered:

The best online jewelry stores offer a variety of services:

  • Appraisal report by a  GIA certified appraiser
  • Customization services - engraving, resizing, unique design consultation
  • Refurbishing antique or vintage pieces
  • Ring sizing
  • Financing options - flexible payments
  • Special packaging choices - like a keepsake box
  • Lifetime diamond upgrade for loose diamonds purchased at their website
  • Temporary Mounting - will set your diamond temporarily so you can see the setting before you make your purchase
  • Tax and duty calculators
  • Staff consultations
  • Bonuses and frequent buyer program

Warranties and Consumer Protection

Some online jewelry stores will cover defects in manufacturing only.  Others offer a lifetime guarantee that covers free prong tightening, plating, re-polishing and cleaning. Certified appraisals are offered but some online jewelry stores will charge extra for this.  


Rest assured.  If you’re not satisfied with your online jewelry purchase, you have options.  All of the online jewelry stores we reviewed have a return policy but you need to read the fine print. There are time restrictions, no returns for custom jewelry, handling fees, etc.

Some offer free insurance on returns, free return shipping and a FedEx pickup. And if they have a physical store or a partner store in your area, you can always drop it off.

Customer Service

The best online jewelry stores offer excellent support to their customers. Buying jewelry is usually is associated with a personal milestone.  It’s an emotional purchase that requires careful thought and the buyer may need extra hand-holding!

Help options are email, live chat, SMS, phone number, and social media. A detailed FAQ and jewelry buying guides can answer most questions.  Some offer free consultations in which they share the screen with the customer to actually study a diamond, discuss its attributes before making a purchase.

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