Ease of Use

One of the first things that you will notice upon landing on James Allen’s website is how clean it looks. Using a minimalistic approach, their website layout is pretty easy on the eyes, thanks to a predominantly white background adorned with large, eye-catching photos.

Navigating the site is quite easy, thanks to how the links to the numerous product sections are easily located and neatly organized at the top of the page. Hovering your mouse cursor over each category brings up a drop-down menu that contains numerous subcategories that allow you to fine tune your search and find what you are looking for easily.

Sort and Filter

In the Diamonds drop-down menu, for example, you can find subcategories such as Round Cut, Princess Cut, Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut, Oval Cut, Canada Mark Diamonds, True Hearts Diamonds, Matching Heart Diamonds, and more.

Similarly, their catalog is pretty easy to browse, thanks to a handful of filters that allow you to search by shape, color, clarity, origin, cut, carat, and price. Or, you can choose to drill down even further with the help of advanced filtering options, which include polish, symmetry, lab, depth, table, and fluorescence. Take note, however, that for engagement rings, wedding rings, gemstones and fine jewelry, the filtering and sorting options vary, but all do their job well.

Next, you can even sort results by shipping date, or check out your recently viewed items. And for those who can’t decide which to choose, they also have a comparison option that allows you to quickly view a side-by-side comparison that lists down the specifications of your chosen items, in just a few clicks of a button.

Seeing Up To the Last Detail

Since James Allen does not have any physical store that you can visit to see an feel the actual piece, you may be wondering how you can be assured of its physical properties just via their website. Thanks to their proprietary Diamond Display Technology, each product photo can be viewed in full 360 degrees, which gives you the freedom to manually manipulate the viewer itself. This allows you to inspect the diamond, ring, or jewelry at every angle, and even zoom in or out to your liking. For those who register an account with them, you can also take advantage of a SuperZoom feature, which they describe as viewing a diamond “as if you were holding a jeweler’s loupe.” Each diamond item page also provides links to their certificate, which many smart shoppers will no doubt appreciate.

More Features

All diamonds sold by James Allen are GIA, AGS, or IGI certified, which guarantees that they are of the finest quality. More than that, they are also one of the few online diamond stores that provides a large selection of colored diamonds, which are exceedingly rare and precious stones.

Beyond that, they also provide a handful of payment options, such as credit cards, money wire, personal checks & money order, and also, notably, various flexible financing options via the LIC credit card program.

Finally, on top of the aforementioned lifetime warranty, free shipping (on all items, for both domestic and international orders), and generous 30-day money back guarantee, they also provide free returns, 100% free ring resizing for 60 days after your purchase, jewelry insurance, and even a handy virtual ring sizer that provides a step-by-step guide that can help you determine your, or your significant other’s, ring size.

Design Your Ring

James Allen is no simple online jewelry store, as evidenced by the wealth of features and perks on offer. One of the things that make them stand out is their DIY feature. This allows you to customize a ring by letting you choose the diamond as well as the ring or pendant you want to put it on.

Not only does this add a little personalized touch, but the fact that you can mix and match various diamonds with a wide range of rings or pendants means that you can easily manage your budget and still get what you want. Even better, the whole process is quite easy as it only takes a few steps, and with the aid of their excellent search and filtering options, you can quickly find the parts that suit your style.

Customer Support

Another area that James Allen excels at is customer support. This is because, in addition to providing 24/7 live chat support, US and international phone lines, a Call Back support feature, direct email and online contact form, James Allen also provides instant, real-time, one-on-one diamond consultation. All you need to do is click on the Instant Consultation button, and you can instantly connect with a diamond expert who will walk you through the attributes of the diamond. This is especially helpful for those who may be new to diamonds and do not know a thing when it comes to picking out the right one. And if you still want to further educate yourself, the website also provides a handful of guides for finding the perfect jewelry.

What's the Verdict on James Allen?

A Definite Buy!

James Allen Review 2020 – Conclusion

Among the many online diamond stores, James Allen stands among one of the very best. This is all thanks to numerous customer-friendly features that make shopping for diamonds or jewelries here a pleasant experience – such as their proprietary Diamond Display Technology and high quality images that allows you to inspect every angle of their products, lifetime warranties on all items, free domestic and international shipping, generous returns, 60-day free ring re-sizing and many more features. And, while some people who prefer to inspect diamonds or rings in person may not like the fact that this jeweler does not have any brick and mortar stores, the wealth of features on offer here certainly outweigh this minor gripe. So if you are looking to purchase quality, conflict-free diamonds, check out James Allen!