Ease of Use

Leibish has an organized home page with a main tab at the top where you can choose from new arrivals, diamonds, engagement rings, other jewelries, and gemstones. Hovering over each tab shows a drop-down menu where categories for each product are listed- for diamonds, you can see their collection list, color choices, and pairs and layouts.

Once inside the catalog page, you will be greeted by the filtering tool for the product, which includes price, color, weight, shape, intensity, clarity, and other advanced details, like a secondary hue and lab where the stone was tested.

Colorful Yet Affordable Selections

Leibish Fancy Color Diamonds

Leisbish is one of the leading fancy colored diamond shop online, and rightly so, given the vast selection of colors that they have under their roof. These include a whole spectrum of colors- yellow, champagne, red, orange, chameleon, green, blue, argyle, purple, violet, white, black, gray, and of course, the simple but sophisticated colorless diamond. Meanwhile, prices can range from a little over a thousand dollars up to a million for larger and higher quality pieces. You can sort the products via a specific price range so you can browse selections within your budget.

Seeing in 360

In the product page, you can use the mouse to take a 360-degree look of the piece, so you can see the details of its cut, color, and clarity, as well as how it reflects light and gives the stone’s famous shimmer. Other important details are also listed, such as its carat, exact measurements, intensity, certifying body, and certificate number, to assure you of its authenticity. Despite being an online-only diamond store, you can still get a detailed view of Leibish’s pieces from different angles.

Leibish Fancy Color Diamonds 2


Leibish houses a 48-hour catalog, and you can expect all items from this list to be shipped within this time period, within business hours of course. They also accept international orders and will not charge any shipping fees, although they have no guarantee on the delivery schedule in these cases. The customer shall also shoulder any fees and taxes applied by the local customs department to have the item released.

Payment and Refunds

All major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers are accepted methods of payment. For the latter, an automatic 1.5% discount is applied from the regular price listed, as it is the quickest and safest way of payment. In cases of refund requests, Leibish has a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee if customers are not fully satisfied with the item, given that it is in its original condition, and still has the original certificate that came with the order. This offer does not apply to custom maid jewelries due to the cost of labor and other administrative costs.

Design Your Own

Leibish Ring

Much like other online diamond retailers, Leibish also offers you a way to design your own diamond jewelry on their website. You will be able to pair a diamond and a setting of your choice from their vast selections under both categories. Choose from their selection of ring, pendant, and earring settings, then select the kind of diamond you want mounted on the base piece- you can also do it vice versa. Individual prices are reflected and will be added up once you have chosen both pieces, prior to the checkout page, where you will be giving your payment information.

Diamond Investments

Leibish offers a downloadable e-book about diamond investments which can help people tap what they believe is the unlimited potential in investing in diamonds. It offers answers the questions on what is diamond investments, where to buy diamonds, how and when to sell them and what to look for in trustful diamond dealer. It allows you to gain basic understanding of the knowledge required in investing in fancy colored diamonds. So check it out if this is something you might be interested in.

Customer Service

Leibish has a FAQ section that contains information about their products, order processing, shipping, payment, return, and other pertinent details. If you need assistance in buying a diamond piece, you can reach out to their customer service team via live chat, phone call, or email. Their reps are known not only to be highly competent in assisting with the process, but also in guiding customers in choosing jewelry pieces. They also have social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

What's the Verdict on Leibish?

Worth It, Some Issues

Leibish Review 2020 – Conclusion

Having a lot of options is a big plus in choosing diamond jewelries, and with Leibish bringing a whole variety of fancy colored and certified diamonds into the table, they are definitely worthy of the third spot in the online diamond store category. You can buy diamonds at reasonable prices, check each item in every angle with their 360 degree viewer, follow your style and build your own diamond jewelry, and take confidence in your purchase with their 30-day money back guarantee. They don’t have any physical stores that you can visit though, but if you are the type who wants to have an actual touch of your purchase, you can simply order one, and return it within 30 days if you don’t like it. Given the consistency of the assistance that they provide, such a task won’t be a pain. Check out Leibish now!