Best Online Lingerie Stores 2019

Whether you’re buying lingerie for personal use or for someone else, you’ll save a lot of hassle by buying online. There’s so much to choose from and you can window shop in the comfort of your own home or you can search for a specific item. Most online stores even offer discreet packaging features for those who would rather keep their lingerie shopping to themselves. Just choose what you like, check out, and wait!

With so many lingerie stores online, it’s tough to determine where to shop. But don’t fret! We have sifted through countless websites and have come up with a top ten list of the best online lingerie stores out there! Check it out below!

ThirdLove1st9.9 out of 10Varies

ThirdLove Review

Despite lacking in selections, ThirdLove is still a great source of bras and underwear with human-measured pieces for a comfortable fit.Full ThirdLove Review »

Adore Me

2nd9.9 out of 10Varies

Adore Me Review

Treat yourself to a vast collection of underwear sets and lingerie, from the classics to the laces- you even get to answer a quiz to know your style!Full Adore Me Review »

Agent Provocateur

3rd9.8 out of 10Varies

Agent Provocateur Review

Catering to the slim and skinny, Agent Provocateur provides the perfect marriage of style and comfort with their exquisite collection.Full Agent Provocateur Review »

La Perla

4th9.6 out of 10Varies

La Perla Review

A premium collection originally from Italian designers, every penny you spend is worth the class and sophistication of their lingerie selectíon.Full La Perla Review »


5th9.4 out of 10Varies

Figleaves Review

Looking into details of the design while choosing only the finest fabric available, you can expect a stylish and comfortable purchase from Figleaves.Full Figleaves Review »


6th9 out of 10Varies

ASOS Review

Be prepared to get showered with option after option after option, with thousands of stylish and quality lingerie pieces in their racks.Full ASOS Review »

Bare Necessities

7th8.9 out of 10Varies

Bare Necessities Review

A cathartic way to shop without having to hustle through the crowd, with fitting assistance at your service to help guide you to the perfect size.Full Bare Necessities Review »

Rigby & Peller

8th8.7 out of 10Varies

Rigby & Peller Review

If luxury and passion is what you are after, then Rigby & Peller is the right shop to be in- they give a heavy emphasis on style and design.Full Rigby & Peller Review »

Luva Huva

9th8.5 out of 10Varies

Luva Huva Review

Mother Nature needs to feel loved too, and Luva Huva shows this by practicing by environment-friendly processes while flaunting quality-made lingerie.Full Luva Huva Review »

Glamorous Amorous

10th7.5 out of 10Varies

Glamorous Amorous Review

This one caters to a market that highly values glamor and fashion, but you may find that their service can do a lot better in many areas.Full Glamorous Amorous Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

How We Picked the Best Places to Shop Lingerie Online

Features: Most sites offer memberships or VIP programs with varying benefits ranging from discounts, promos, free shipping, and have lingerie in your chosen style, size, and price range delivered to you throughout the year. Other features such as mobile apps make for an additional convenience when shopping online. Also website features like very specific searches help users find the perfect lingerie.

Price: Prices vary per brand and per product. Some of the more stylish choices cost more than the simpler ones. Some brands are more on the expensive side but offer cheaper lines as well. Luckily, online stores offer various options like VIP programs, membership programs, discounts, promos and other ways to save.

Collection: An online store’s selection is very integral to its success. If you’re looking for bridal, plus size, vintage, leather, or sheer lingerie, a healthy selection for every occasion should be available. If you’re looking for specific intimate apparel such as corsets, camisoles, bustiers, bras, panties, g-strings, teddies, chemises, and the like, you should be able to find them.

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